Thursday, April 28, 2011

Im ALIVE!!!! (youtube video)

Hey dolls, Im back with a new post AND a new video, I spoil you ehhh ?! lol..anyway I thought I would share the look I rocked for the video, which was basically a RUN DMC vneck burn out tee, with an old school chain necklace and of course my nerd glasses DUH...OMG and yes if you know me and my blog then you know that I am rocking that MAC Russian Red Lipstick! Enjoy dolls!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear Bloggypoo.....

Dear Bloggypoo,

I have neglected you beyond reason! I hope to be a better mommy and prevent the blog police from taking you from my custody due to lack of post.....and that is why I am here...with a random post but I feel like I have been neglecting my bloggypoo! I feel so bad too! I mean... I havent even done a new youtube video because I have been beyond sick ya heard! but I promise to be better, Ireally do! in the meantime enjoy some pictures from this past weekend..I did my makeup and my girl's as well... :) Once again I used the UD Naked current OBSESSION!!!!...miss you saucy betches!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wet N Wild (kinda...sorda)

Ok so I was super phyched when I got my Sunday newspaper and got the Rite Aid ad...WHY you ask...well because there in black and white was an advertisement for WetNWild makeup 40%off!! say whhhhhhaaaaaat!!! I was so happy, I coudn't wait to get out my PJS, down my protein shake and RUN..not my nearest Rite Aid. So I get there and let me say there was minimal ish left in the WetNWild section, I was so dissapointed, but I managed to get a few goodies (well at least I thought at the time) and here is my review! Let me just say one thing....even if this ish was 90% off DONT waste yo mula :/

Let's start off with these shitty ass eyeshadow pallettes. They were only like $1.99 or something like that, I really liked the color combinations, but OMG!!! these things were CACA!! I swear it has the worst consistensy of my life, so chalky, rough and not pigmented at all!!! Yes I used a primer and NO it didnt help! lol..these really sucked... Umm yeah thats pretty much all I can say about this..wait..Did I mention they SUCK DONKEY BALLS!!! ugh..what a waste! :/
Ok so onto a bit better news..the lipsticks!..I was semi pleased with them, The color payoff was worth my money ($1.99) I actually really liked the pink lipsticks because they low key reminded me of Nicki Minaj's MAC Pink Friday lipstick! it could easily be used as a dupe!! and for some reason I been on some red ish! I been buying so many red lipsticks but NOTHING and I mean NADA compares to me Russian Red by MAC..*sigh* my true love! :)
And last the glosses, I was actually really surpised with these!! they are soooo Ku---YUTE!!! the colors are very similar to MACS dazzleglass! it has a shimmery/glitter undertone to them. and you know a girl like me loves her some glitter and pizazz!! All in all I was happy with the lip products but I will smack a betch who created those shitty ass pallettes!! they were GARBAGE...:) am I too blunt?!...ooopsie :) lol.. I hope you enjoyed this post..I havent reviewed anything in a hot minute..I was almost forgetting how hardcore I am about criticizing ish! lmao

Saturday, April 2, 2011

What's in my Bag? (NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO)

You asked for it and I listened! I made a Whats in my bag video!! ..As always my video is hella ranDUMB and I carry the weirdest thing in my purse, LOL..hope you enjoy! any other video ideas please let me know and I will do my best to PLEASE you *Wink* hahahaha!!! :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

SHATTER, Snap, Crackle, POP

Soooo I managed to get my paws on the Opi Shatter Black nail polish!!! I was so excited because this ish was damn near impossible to find!! So imagine my excitement when I bought THE LAST ONE! at this hole in the wall Beauty Supply Store *jumps for joy*. So here you have it my review on the polish that I used.
Let me start off by saying that I kind of got freaked out when I first applied the BLACK SHATTER polish over my nails because it literally covered my entire nail, like as if I was painting my nail black. Im all thinking OH SHIT, Did I put too much? not enough? did I get the wrong polish?...anyway my fear soon went away when I noticed the polish starting to "dry" and "SHATTER"....I really LOVE the effect that this nail polish does but this polish does not alway look bombski with EVERY color nail polish. I had actually used the "shatter" polish on some pastel green nail polish first and let me say that was NOT the bussiness. It looked like caca :) Round 2 I used a Opi SIlver Glitter nail polish that I absolutely LOVED!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. I didnt take any pictures of it though :/

so this time when I changed my nails I decided to go with a glittery nail polish because I feel that with that kind of nail polish you get more bang for your buck!! So I used MAC Bad Fairy NP (the red/golden polish) and MAC Grape NP (the purple polish) I did like the outcome however I think that silver was my main squeeze! so Next time I do my nails using Shatter Im doing it silver glitter :)

All in all OPI Shatter Nail polish (retail$9) was worth it, Im actually low key excited about the new SILVER shatter nail polish that is coming out when Pirattes of the Carrebean is in theaters! That polish would do some damage YA HEARD!!!!