Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Im doing a giveaway for all my readers!! I love you all so much!! to the maxxx and beyond!!! I am so thankful for each and every one of you that shows so much love up in this bitch!! so here are the rules for my giveaway!!

1. you must be a follower of this blog right here!

2. you must leave a comment on this post (nothing lame like "oh enter me", be original

3. you must follow me on twitter

Im also going to get more makeup, accesories, headbands its going to be HUGE!! so please enter!!


Monday, January 17, 2011

DEAD RED lipstick

I LOVE me some to the maxxx. I had found this color in the catalog and decided to try it out, well let me just say that I have found my new fave red lipstick!! its highly pigmented, lustrous, goes on smooth and stays on!! woot woot....Ooooh Avon you keep on surprising me with your bad assness!!wait you dont have an Avon representative?!! well then hit me up, cuz I have the best one in town :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

She just SHITTED ON EM'!!!!!

Oh my GOD!!!!!! I had to share this with you all!!!! NICKI MINAJ straight out SHITTED ON EVERYONE AND THEY MAMA with this V cover!!!This reminds me of the movie "Dead Presidents" but on crack!! FASHION AT ITS HIGHEST!!! ...Im literally speechless...and thats hard for me to do *blank stare* ENJOY!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I like my bitches in SPIKES and heels (2BD Inspired!)

I like my Bitches in SPIKES and heels!! ....So umm yeah I had gone to LA a while ago and I had gone in with the mind set of finding spikes and studs cuz I was trying to BLING out a retro jacket that I had been having but needed some extra PIZZAZZ...and I happen to find these studded headbands and spiked bracelets....So I went on my merry way and never did anything with em *shrugs* But last night I was cleaning my closet and found A TON of hats that I used to rock back in the day but dont use em now...As I looked at my hats, I began to think "ugh..I dont want to give them away, they were expensive...but then again I wont wear them again..." ....or will I?!!!! Just then 2 Bitchez Deep came across my head and I thought to myself..LET ME HOOK THIS HAT UP!!!! and that is just what I did!!!

This is the headband I had found in LA (I bought like 10 of a $1 each!)
I then took some scissors and cut the elastic part of the headband off, so I would just be left with the studs. Then I cut them long ways, to make strands :) 2 hours of pain staking work and individually cutting each stud from the bracelets I was left with this hot of a mess :/ Now Im ready to get this party started ehhh?!

I took my A hat game to another level with this one!! Here is her before picture!

Yall aint ready for all this BLINGAGE!! BEFORE MEETS AFTER!!!!
Im a super flossy betch yo!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Im a Hustla Baybee (plus my 3rd youtube video)

Chanel, Chanel, Chanel I finally got my Chanel mirrored jewelry *yay me* from CBTS closet. Thanks to Killa Caley for the heads up on the dopeness! I absolutely loved everything about the jewelry with the exception of the earrings were too small and the chain on the necklace was SOOOOO cheap *womp womp wooooomp* ..I decided to wear my new headband that I had purchased at Nordstrom and complete the looks with some nudes and greys on the eye lids to boot. So was it just me or were the malls OVERLY crowded this past weekend!! UGH I swear as soon as I walked in I was over it! There was soooo many people up in there! I swear it was a fire hazard! lol...Funny story actualy I had hit up this calendar store being that after Jan 1st all calendars go 50%off.....So I walk up to the cashier, ready to pay for my Barbie Retro Calendar when the cashier beings to talk to me, with the most ranDUMB conversation ever!! It went something like this:
"Hey you have a flower growing out of your head?" he says
"Oh really I do? *touched my headband* WOW , I had no idea thanks for letting me know" I reply
"But how did you get it to grow out of your head?" he asks (ok so at this point Im thinking either this guy is hella stupid, or he is flirtnig, or he is just being a smart ass, either way Im trying to get the F out of there being that everyone and their mom decided to go to the mall)
"I dont know, I planted a seed on my skull, watered it, a little bit of sunshine and tender loving care, and here it is, growing out of my head" I reply
"oh I see but how, and its a grey" he says *as he is holding my change hostage*
"umm How long are we gonna have this irrelevant conversation about my headband..I got it at Nordstroms go get you one!" * I say (Im sorry but me in a crowded HOT spot with some guy talking about a physical impossibility as far as a flower growing out of my head is not my cup of tea!"
"oh well ...." he trails off
*I grab my change* "thanks for the nonsense" I say as I walk out mama looks at me like im crazy and tells me that I have a mouth on which I reply "Who does mom? me? WHAT THEFUCK!!!" lmao...I love my mama..she gets me!OK so onto makeup talk:

I used MAC Retrosepkt e/s. Carbon e/s, I used the dark grey in my ELF pallete and I topped off the look with my fave lashes ever #605
and here is the video....

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Swaggin on em NYE style

HAPPY NEW YEAR DOLLS!!!! Ok so where do I start, this NYE was bananas for me! I usually dont like going out on NYE since all the drunks are out and as we all know with a accident the drunk driver NEVER dies, its always the the people in the other yeah I get a bit paranoid, but I aint trying to die!! Anyway me and a group of friends decided to take our chances and head on out to some club! Let me say that I dont REMEMBER A THING! (which means good right?) um yeah I cant really write about it but I do have some pictures that my friends were more then happy to show far as the makeup I decided to go with a red hot lip and some light eyes..I actually dont like how the eyes came out *blah*..but then again thats why I took my sunglasses..not only did they hide the no bueno eye makeup but they also hid my glazed over drunk look!!!!