Monday, October 3, 2011

Nicki Minaj Halloween Trial (take 1)

Hey dolls! So I dont know about yall but I'm super phyched about Halloween! I dont really dress up like that, but I do love making makeup looks, Last year I was Snooki 2010 and the year before that I was a chola 2009 (from East L.A of course)
So this year I wanted to do several looks! I figured I would start with something fun and easy. You can rock this look outside of Halloween too! I love me some Nicki Minaj, I was feeling her WAAAAAAAAAAY more during her mixtape days (5 star chick video days for those of you who didn't know her before that) because I felt like that betche's swagg was always on point sexy and feminine! But now she went all Lady Gaga on us *frowns* Dont get me wrong I love her still but I just liked her style when she was a hot girl with mad rapping skills, I feel that now her costumes take away attention from her music *shrugs* This is going waaaay off topic, anyway, I love her no matter what she does! With that being said I came up with this look! This was my first attempt and I must admit that I do like it, but after I looked at it I was thinking that maybe some blues and greens would be more Nicki Minaj-ish, Im going to attempt a 2nd try and post it on here. I know alot of my supporters want me to do a tutorial, however I dont have editing so that is kind of hard to do, Im not trying to have you watch a 3 hour video LOL, so Im thinking I would just post the look on here and show step by step what I used and how I created this look, would you guys want me to do it on here, or would rather watch a 30 minute long video! *winks* Here are some more pictures of me being a low key camera whore and showing off my Nicki look! Let me know if you would like to see how I created this look



  1. awesome makeup trial i love the pink that you used

  2. i would definitely love to see how you created this look!!:)