Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Like to Cut.....(Halloween Makeup Tutorial)

Hey dolls! so here it is finally my second halloween look, I was really nervous about this particular look because I have never worked with liquid latex *giggity* and prop type makeup before but I must say that I was BEYOND please with the outcome. These are the supplies that you will need to achieve this look (besides makeup of course) I purchased all these products at Party City, Im sure you can get these at any Halloween Store though... Sooooooooooooo without further adue lets start this look: I started with prepping my face with smashbox color adjusment primer, I then used a revlon foundation about 3 shades lighter then my own skin tone (because were going for a vampire, lifeless type of color). I finished it off with MAC's loose powder, this gives it a matte look and also if you put the right amount, it will pale you out
After applying your face, were going to focus on the eyes! (I saved the neck slicing for the end because it would be super uncomfy to work with it on and doing all the girly makeup ish you know?!.)..Ok so like I was saying, the eyes! I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance to prime my eyes, I then applied NYX jumbo pencil in black on my lid followed by NYX jumbo pencil in Copper color over the black (this creates a dark but pretty look) I then used my Beauty Factory Pallete and used the darkest purple to go over the lid (on top of the NYX jumbo pencil combo that you applied on the lid earlier) This will give it a matte finish. I then took MAC's eyeshadow in "Sketch" (a deep burgundy color) and used my 224 brush to blend in from the crease up. Now when your blending the sketch in you want to make sure you go high, almost to your eyebrow and also work your way deep into the inner eye lid portion this gives it a more dramatic effect. This is optional, but I added a light/golden highlight to the inner eye lid because I did not how dark the look came out to be originally. Remember you can do whatever you like, but Iadded that. I used the golden cream color from my pallette. So far it should look a lil sumtin sumtin like this.. I then lined my eyes using cake liner and applied dramatic eyelashes, think the BIGGA THE BETTA. Moving on to the contour, now were going for a very gothic look, so you have to make the contour on your cheekbones be super intense to make them look "sunken in" and dead like. I used a matte brown and blended it with a burgundy color from my pallete to give it harsher feel. Now when I say contour to the max I MEAN IT! go HARD and use alot. No highlight no pinks....were going for dark and scary. As for the lips I used a Jordana lipstick in "Black", this actually was a very cheap brand of lipstick so it did not do well with the color pay off, so I used my shadow brush and tapped in some black and burgundy eyeshadows and tapped them on my lips (do not apply like you would lipstick this will only make it look cakey!) So far it should look a lil like this Ok so now that your face is all done up, we are going to apply the slit neck plastic thinga ma jig I purchased from Party City I used spirit gum to attach it. Your going to get the fake piece of neck and just dab a little bit of spirit gum through out the neck piece, puttin more around the edges. Your also going to place spirit gum directly on your neck and your going to tap it with your fingers because this will make it more tacky and adheve better. Let it dry for a little (NOT completely) and then apply the neck piece onto your neck....Once the neck piece is firmly on you can start making it as gorry as you like! I use the lipquid latex and tapped it all over the neck piece and on my own skin creating "extra skin", wait for it to dry to start applying red eyeshadow in the creases (I used the red e/s from my pallete) This will give it a more "real" and "dramatic" effect. Once I was happy with the redness of the look, I started dabbing the fake blood (with a sponge) on the insides of my neck creases (this sounds gross lol, like i have folds of skin!!hahaha) anyways like I was saying. For pictures sake I also squirted blood throughout, to give it a more violent and fresh look...like I had just slit my throat and decided to take pictures of it LOL....Anyway here are some pictures I took of the finished look (its from my camera phone so the quality might not be as great).....I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED THIS LOOK!! I HAVE A COUPLE OF MORE TO GO...REMEMBER USE YOUR CREATIVITY! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Nicki Minaj Halloween Trial (take 1)

Hey dolls! So I dont know about yall but I'm super phyched about Halloween! I dont really dress up like that, but I do love making makeup looks, Last year I was Snooki 2010 and the year before that I was a chola 2009 (from East L.A of course)
So this year I wanted to do several looks! I figured I would start with something fun and easy. You can rock this look outside of Halloween too! I love me some Nicki Minaj, I was feeling her WAAAAAAAAAAY more during her mixtape days (5 star chick video days for those of you who didn't know her before that) because I felt like that betche's swagg was always on point sexy and feminine! But now she went all Lady Gaga on us *frowns* Dont get me wrong I love her still but I just liked her style when she was a hot girl with mad rapping skills, I feel that now her costumes take away attention from her music *shrugs* This is going waaaay off topic, anyway, I love her no matter what she does! With that being said I came up with this look! This was my first attempt and I must admit that I do like it, but after I looked at it I was thinking that maybe some blues and greens would be more Nicki Minaj-ish, Im going to attempt a 2nd try and post it on here. I know alot of my supporters want me to do a tutorial, however I dont have editing so that is kind of hard to do, Im not trying to have you watch a 3 hour video LOL, so Im thinking I would just post the look on here and show step by step what I used and how I created this look, would you guys want me to do it on here, or would rather watch a 30 minute long video! *winks* Here are some more pictures of me being a low key camera whore and showing off my Nicki look! Let me know if you would like to see how I created this look