Sunday, September 4, 2011

Killa Cali

So the day has finally come! As you know (or may not know) I have been talking to a fellow blogger ( for quite some time now, and we always talked about "meeting up" but never really did. Our busy schedules just would not allow, but I finally had the pleasure of meeting Caley (I call her Killa Cali lol)just the other day and let me just say we just flowed. But before I go into the amazing-ness that is Caley, I want to show you what I decided to wear for makeup. I have been obsesed with the NAKED pallete from Urban Decay, its my ish. I swear if you only buy one pallete your entire life then this is the one! It retails for $44 but believe me well worth it. I swear I talk about this pallete like its my man,! yeah he's the bomb *hehehehe* Seriously though I love this pallete. Anyway I wanted to do a smokey brown eye, so I primed my eyes with Urban Decays Shadow Insurance and then covered my entire eye lid with Makeup Forever's Aqua Cream eye shadow in #13 (this is now another FAVE!!!!) This provides not only a foundation for the shadows, but being that it is a glossy finish, it will make this look "POP" even more. I used a regular eyeshadow brush and applied "Virgin" from the pallet in my inner eye lid, then used "Sidecar" for the middle of my eyelid, and I then created a small "V" on the outer part of my eyelid with the color "Smog". Now to create a "deeper" finish I used a small tapered brush and applied "Darkhorse" on my crease. I then used Urban Decays 24-7 liner in "Bourbon" for the bottom eye lid and Urban Decay's 24-7 liner in "Zero" for the inner eye lid. Once I was done getting my face all done up I was torn with what lip color to go with. So at first I went with a nude,glossy lip... I really didn't like it, I felt like it washed my bronzy look that I had going, so decided to go with a Red, I used MAC's "Russian Red" lipstick and then applied a red lip gloss over it (I dont have the name of it because it was some bootleg lipgloss set with no name, I got last Christmas) I started applying the lipgloss in the middle of my lips and worked my way outwards, this little trick just basically gives the illusion of having plumpier lips! I really loved the look better with Red Lips, and by doing the red lips, it inspired me for the outfit that I wore that day. (Im sorry that I did not take pictures of it!! but I have received sooooo many requests for outfits of the day, that I will be doing some of those and posting it on here!!) But I basically rocked a white blazer, a white V-Neck Chic Minnie Mouse shirt that I bought at Wally world!! NO LIE! it was mad dope and only $7.50!! paired it was some knit black leggings and some nude strappy wedges. Topped it off with my 3 chain necklace and some bunny earrings. VOILA ready to meet my fashionista Twinny! Now unto the good part I finally met her!!! We started with lunch and ended up shopping DUH!! We went to this little asian store and I found sooooo may cute tops! I will for sure do a video on all the clothes I bought! All in all I was so happy that I finally got to meet her and hope that we can have a long lasting friendship! Good friends are hard to come by, so I welcome the opportunity of making new ones!


  1. Had Fun Doll :) yayy ! I need to get that pallet they ran out at mine smh ! My luck lmao ! Next time let's go to the mall !

    Xoxo Caley Ann @

  2. You are so pretty *