Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Go with the Grain (Review)

I dont know about you guys but I am OBSESSED with Facial Scrubs, Masks, Cleansers....I mean anything that has to do with the face Im wid it! I swear I have a problem! I feel like i have to try everything because how will I know what works and doesnt if I dont do test runs?! a duhhhhhh....LOL...With that being said I have always been an AVON/Mark fanatic, they have such great prices on makeup! and if you dont know what Mark is, basically its a "younger , hipper" version of AVON, more catered to the younger saucier B's out there! *ahem...ME* Both AVON and MArk are sold by an AVON representivtive...and if you dont have one, then use mines! duhhh!!! She is the best! Tell her Gucci sent you! Tamara Hosey (714)720-9011... I love Mark!! and I could not help but notice-) these "exfoliating beads"using bean/rice bran (sounds hella organic right?!) as soon as I saw it I was like "yeahhhh I got to try this!" so I did, I ordered it and I have had the chance to use it for a couple of weeks, and this is my review!!
Ok, first of all when I ordered it I thought this was going to be an exfoliating cleanser, meaning. I t would be ready to use. to my surprise it was not! it was nothing but beads. I had never seen such a thing because I was so used to using my regular exfoliating masks that are ready to use.

these bead are super fine! but yet are sturdy enough to get the cleansing job done...and done well!!..For todays review I paired these exfoliating beads with my Netrogena Deep Cleanser Shine control mask *sighs* super yum! after applying a small amount on the pal of my hand, I then sprinkled about a dime size of beads into the mix! (you can do this step in two ways)1. you can apply the face wash onto a damp face and then add the beads onto your face or you can do what I did, which is basically mix the two in the palm of my hand and then apply it onto my damp face... you then just dip your finger (A CLEAN FINGER) into the mix and just twirl it around very gently as to not dillute the beads in your palm! Remember you want this concoction of AWESOMENESS on yo face NOT yo palm DUHHH *lol*
Now you just Scrubby Scrubby Dubby all over your Facey Wasey :) you will feel a light scrubbing sensation over your skin, Go as Hard or as slow as you like (thats what SHE said lol) when rubbing the mask on. I like to go soft in my delicate areas (like around my eyes) and then go a little bit harder on my breakout areas (like my chin) Do this for about 30 sec to a min... After you are done rubbing, I usually like to leave the mask on for a couple of minutes after just to let it sink in (I dont know if it really does anything but in my mind it does!) Then you just rinse and dry! (remember not to rub the towel on your face! this is no bueno! you want to lightly tap away all the extra moisture, this is your face not sandpaper! )
and VOILA' your face is left feeling super soft like a babys butt! no joke! You instantly can feel the results (go ahead lightly rub your own face! ) I will say this DO NOT get freaked out if your face is slightly red! remember you exfoliated which means you basically took all that dead skin off yo face so it might be red, but this doesnt last long. I have super sensitive skin and the "red" only lasted like 2 minutes..and NO it does not hurt ...Also remember that you only want to exfoliate 2x to 3x a week...this is not an everyday might end up looking like Freddy Kruger if you do! lmao is some more info on the ingredients and such.... PROS:

*it provides a deep cleanse

* the beads are rigid enough but soft enough to get the job done!

* there is no harsh smell

*the price $12-$14 ( I really dont remember)

*I kid you not when I say that you can feel the results right away! your skin feels alot smoother!!


* it is not "ready" (as in you have to mix it yourself with your own cleanser) it does take some getting used to but well worth it.

*after your done rinsing you might look a little red due to the exfoliation but no worries this goes away in less then 3 min!

*not everyone has an AVON rep, but like I said feel free to use mine and dont forget to tell her Gucci sent you! :) Tamara Hosey (714) 720-9011

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