Monday, August 29, 2011


I have always considered my self a lover of fashion and hip hop, I've supported the culture behind it. I feel like now a days anyone can make a clothing line without any substance, solely focusing on the fads with no backbone to support it. As we know fads come and go but the story behind a brand is what invokes thought and leaves a longer lasting impression then just a "whats hot at the moment" type of style. With that being said I felt like I should spotlight a clothing company that I fully support Barely Broke Intellects( ) barely broke standing for "the middle class people who aren't living the high life, yet are far from low class people. Its for the people who appreciate the simplicities of life" basically for the conscious people who hunger for more but are content with what they have. Not being "filthy rich" but Barely Broke...everything that they stand for is on some "higher thinking" type of level, from the garments to the fabric, to the concepts behind each print. Please watch the video below to get a full feel about what this brand is about! and if you can show them love on the comments as well. Let them know that real hip hop culture is apreciated and respected...
I have the pleasure of knowing one of the founders and have experienced first hand the love and passion he has for this clothing line, I see the dedication that he has from the smallest detail like a button to a full graphic design. I have never met anyone so commited to a dream. Before I say anything further I want to make it clear that I support the brand in general not because I'm friends with the one of the founders but because I believe in everything they stand for. To be able to meet such a young person with wisdom beyond his years has been an amazing experience for me because I am able to fully say 100%, no questions asked, what this label stands for. You all know me as being an extremely blunt person, I dont lie, I dont know how to, and I definitly would not show love to something or someone that I did not believe in, regardless if I'm friends with that person or not, so in no means is this post biased. I paid for my Snapback just like any consumer would, because like I said I BELIEVE IN THE BRAND and what it stands for and I will support it to the fullest. I love seeing young people hustle and strive for more. The reason for this post is because I received soooooooooooooooooooooo much love on my snapback when I wore it yesterday! I swear like 5 people asked me about it, and usually when i find a item that gets mad love I like to share it with you because I feel that you would enjoy it too! Your probably thinking "a girl wearing a snapback? hells naw" but let me tell you a girl can rock the ish out a snapback and still make it look mad dope! So please go check them out! help support real life fashion, and even if you dont buy anything, just by going on their website and showing love would be something in itself. Getting their name out there because I know at the end of the day this brand will be something big, we just need to help them get there!