Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back on my Grizaaaay

Soooo it was brought to my attention that I have been one neglectful biatch to my blog *sad face* and you know its TRUE!!! I am so sorry if I have been lacking in the writting dept, but life doesn't stop for anyone, and so Im here because @Hohozay showed love and low key was like GET BACK ON THIS BLOG *lol* and I do what I'm told...Oh and in case you aren't following me on Twitter I suggest you do that! duhhh I say random shit on there that at times can tickle your fancy!

Ok back to this writing ish,I am so sorry that I have taken my sweet ass time to write on here but Im here now and nothing has changed..well actually yes..I shaved the side of my head :) what do you guys think?! I was so nervous about it, like almost cried on the barber chair LOL but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the outcome... I really havent taken any pictures lately but I have done sooooo many makeup looks, recently I did a look that I fell in love with and got mad compliments on so I figured I would share it with you!....Now mind you the quality of picture is no all that great because these all were taken from my cell phone but aye Im trying ova hereeee *New Jersey voice*
I basically got NAKED for this look, as you know I am currently OBSESSED with the NAKED pallette from Urban Decay!! Its simply amazing in every way, the colors are browns and neutrals and although I can be one saucy B I also like to be mellow (umm at times) so I basically just used that all up on my eyelids!! threw on some Fake Lashies and boom ...
I used MAC's Lip Gelee, I dont remember the color but it was from their Venomous Villains collection and it was Dr.Facilier from the Princess and the Frog *my daughters favorite movie*
Speaking of which, the love of my life that takes up all my time.....MY DAUGHTER
Me and my booski had a wonderful day, had lunch together, bought shoes! and her little butt was even wanting to get clothes at Forever yeah we went there as well! We ended our day with Yogurtland...not just ANY yogurt...but HELLO KITTY YOUGURTLAND!!! go check them out! I am collecting all their spoons and even managed to sneek some cups to take home with me..I know Im bad! lol....
Until next time my kitties.....


  1. Omg your sooo gorgeous and i LOVE your hair! I want to shave mine in the back but im too scared lol

  2. im got to yogurt land do they have hello kitty in all of them or just certain ones