Saturday, June 4, 2011

Birds of a Feather

Hey bloggiepies! Im back with a new post, man I be on it right now huh?! So if any of you have seen my youtube videos ( or my tweets ( then you know my current obssesion is FEATHERS, FEATHERS and more FEATHERS!!! wait..did I mention I love me some FEATHERS?!! Anywho based on my obssesion, Im actually thinking of making a boutique on etsy and selling some custome made jewelry, some new jewelry, and some of my own jewelry (since I have a ton!!) I been feeling hella inspired...What do you guys think>! Would you saucy betches shop at my booootique? Let me know!! I would love you forever if you do!
FYI on the face game aka makeup I used my 88 shimmer Coastal Scent pallette and my 32 Coastal Scent Lip Pallete! super cheap, super easy! :)


  1. Love them! your earring game, is outrageous!

  2. seen these alot
    been wanting to try them outt :)
    they look super cute oon you