Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Its like Thunder and Lightning......

Before I even begin this post, I want to make it clear that this post is MY OPINION and my MY OPINION only, no I was not sponsored and YES I bought these myself. I am writing about them because I feel strongly about supporting arstistry in general, especially when someone with this kind of talent creates such amazing pieces!! They deserve the recognition for standing out in a world of plane janes! WHY TRY TO FIT IN WHEN YOUR A STAND OUT....So back to what I was trying to say... As you all may (or may not know because yo ass has been living under a rock!) a girl loves her some jewelry, especially some authentic unique ish! So when I happen to come across this shop on etsy ( http://www.etsy.com/shop/superwicked ) I felt the urge to just share with you!!! Because this girl makes some jewelry that you have never seen ....EVER!!! I found the bombest earrings of my life! I swear I LIVE FOR these earrings!! as soon as I saw them I knew I had to get them! I have never seen anything like em'. They only cost me $24.00 plus $5 shipping and handling (these bad boys came all the way from Europe) I waited anxiously for 2 weeks! and finally got them!! I was so happy,I mean PLEASED in every way possible that I thought to myself "you know what..these earrings deserve a post on my blog! yes they are that bomb to me!" ..They are made out of acrylic and the pictures dont even do them justice! they shine even more in person! and the quality is borderline unbreakable! I wore my earring and got mad compliments on it! Superwicked offers them in black as well for both the left and right ear, but if you want to cop the gold earring she only has them available for the left ear (weird huh?!!) lol....I am for sure going to order the black though! I cant see my life with out them along with a few others that I am currently eye-ing (Yes I am aware I am a shopaholic hehehehehe! and I dont give a EFFFF ) I also am wanting the Mr.T piece, I know its GUTS! it makes me laugh when I see it but low key I think it would look fresh on! It only cost $20 and its double sided!!!! can it get any better? NOPE *answers to myself*

The other piece I was eye-ing was this "blood" necklace, I think its sooo cute, but I am probably not going to buy it..WHY? you ask...simple I live In KILLA CALI, where the gangstas play! and aint no one tryin to get shot up in this bitchhhhhh LOL so I will pass, but kudos on the idea :)
I kind of want this "heart" necklace but honestly call me prejudice or whatever but those pink hands are just too weird LOL..maybe its the Latina in me that would want this piece with brown hands LOL...I mean whose hands are this pink!!
CRAZINESS right?! I just love unique pieces, and this shop is fiyahhhhh, hope you guys enjoyed! Happy Shopping Dolls!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Love is like WOAH (youtube video)

Hey dolls I posted a new video on my youtube..please come show love!!