Saturday, April 2, 2011

What's in my Bag? (NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO)

You asked for it and I listened! I made a Whats in my bag video!! ..As always my video is hella ranDUMB and I carry the weirdest thing in my purse, LOL..hope you enjoy! any other video ideas please let me know and I will do my best to PLEASE you *Wink* hahahaha!!! :)


  1. Loveeee the bow and the necklace ! Great vid ! And lol we the same when it comes to germs we germafobes or w.e lol cause I keep all the hand sanatizers lotions spreys and seat covers tissues and wet wipes and all lmao ever since I was in elementry and got worst in jr high and highschool they used to call me marry popins I used to carry it all in my big ass purses haha !

  2. We are TOTALLY rocking the SAME cell phone case hahaha I have a Droid X though, but still pretty awesome & I also have Emancipation =]

    &&&& I totally think you should divulge your hair secrets ;)

    <3 ya =P

  3. I am LIVING off that headband! Where'd you get it? Xo