Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wet N Wild (kinda...sorda)

Ok so I was super phyched when I got my Sunday newspaper and got the Rite Aid ad...WHY you ask...well because there in black and white was an advertisement for WetNWild makeup 40%off!! say whhhhhhaaaaaat!!! I was so happy, I coudn't wait to get out my PJS, down my protein shake and RUN..not my nearest Rite Aid. So I get there and let me say there was minimal ish left in the WetNWild section, I was so dissapointed, but I managed to get a few goodies (well at least I thought at the time) and here is my review! Let me just say one thing....even if this ish was 90% off DONT waste yo mula :/

Let's start off with these shitty ass eyeshadow pallettes. They were only like $1.99 or something like that, I really liked the color combinations, but OMG!!! these things were CACA!! I swear it has the worst consistensy of my life, so chalky, rough and not pigmented at all!!! Yes I used a primer and NO it didnt help! lol..these really sucked... Umm yeah thats pretty much all I can say about this..wait..Did I mention they SUCK DONKEY BALLS!!! ugh..what a waste! :/
Ok so onto a bit better news..the lipsticks!..I was semi pleased with them, The color payoff was worth my money ($1.99) I actually really liked the pink lipsticks because they low key reminded me of Nicki Minaj's MAC Pink Friday lipstick! it could easily be used as a dupe!! and for some reason I been on some red ish! I been buying so many red lipsticks but NOTHING and I mean NADA compares to me Russian Red by MAC..*sigh* my true love! :)
And last the glosses, I was actually really surpised with these!! they are soooo Ku---YUTE!!! the colors are very similar to MACS dazzleglass! it has a shimmery/glitter undertone to them. and you know a girl like me loves her some glitter and pizazz!! All in all I was happy with the lip products but I will smack a betch who created those shitty ass pallettes!! they were GARBAGE...:) am I too blunt?!...ooopsie :) lol.. I hope you enjoyed this post..I havent reviewed anything in a hot minute..I was almost forgetting how hardcore I am about criticizing ish! lmao


  1. wOw, craziness, too bad I gave away my ELF neutrals palette bc the way you feel about these is how i felt about those and vice verse, we coulda switched, lol. so the lip products are straight tho? i have been contemplating trying the lipsticks but didn't know if it was worth buying...let me know : ) o, and thanks for keeping it 100! LOVE THAT!

  2. omgee.. u need to try the six or eight pan palette of wet n wild.. they ARE THE BEST DRUG STORE EYESHADOWS!!! dont let the wack ones fool you... trust they upgraded on their ish!! lol