Friday, March 25, 2011

Pink Friday Joint

Hey dolls! So here is a look I came up with the other day, I thought I would share it with you!! I dont remember what I used I do know that I rocked that Pink Friday MAC lipstick joint all up in my lips :) ..but that bottom liner is my ish!! I think its always a good look when you do a neutral eye and then Funky it up with some color on the lower lid :) ENJOY!! also check out my "like" page on Facebook, Im stil trying to figure it out but hopefully soon it will be MAJA!! :)
Here is the makeup look under "natural" light...nothing beats that!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Go HARD HAUL (youtube video)

YAY!! I just recorded my new video today, I went on a shopping binge, so please check it out :) also shout out to my winners of my youtube and blog:
LedZepPEaceGirl69 (youtube)
XLovelyMakeupX (blog)
All you ladies that entered are DOPE to me!!!! please stay tuned!! I will be having a lot more giveaways!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gucci this Gucci that (OFTD)

Hey dolls!! Im baaaaaaack!!! woot woot!! ok so this post is going to be a wee bit different, Alot of you guys have requested an OFTD (Outfit of the Day) video or pictures and I am constantly getting questions on where did I buy this, or fashion tips. So on this post it will still be a "makeup" post but also a outfit thingamajig!..I dont know..let me know what you guys think, I have never really done a "fit of the day" so I really dont know how to go about it..besides just talk about shit I be wearing um yeah..I really want to get your feedback and hear what yall think, I love hearing back from you guys and I really do take everything you guys say into consideration...just like I am today :) (see I listen!! lol) ...ok and I want to apologize for the picture quality in advance because they were taken with my cell phone because my ass couldn find my camera :/ ....
Revlon Photo Ready Foundation in 005 Neutral Beige

Revlon Photoready translucent powder
MAC blush in Tippy
MAC MSF By Candlelight (as highlight)

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Urban Decay's NAKED pallette (yeah I told you I was obsessed!!)
Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero
MUF Smokey Lash mascara

MAC Lip Erase in Dim
MAC Lip Gloss in Emancipation (from their Wonder Woman collection)


Feathered hat (Claire's)
Gucci over the shoulder bag (Gucci)
Long gold chained owl necklace (Forever 21)
Bamboo earrings (the slums of L.A lol)
Butterfly ring (L.A alleys)
Jean Jacket (I bought this a long time ago at a little hole in wall asian market)
Black tank top (Ms. and Ms.)
Leggings (Target)
Cowboy boots (Torrid)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Urban Flamenco

Hey dolls sorry I been MIA for a hot minute..a really hot minute! but I been beasting it at work like Nobuddys bizznezz.... UGHHHHH, seriously I barely have anytime off and Im totally not tryin to be a ultra slacker!! especially since i Know I just had a giveaway that I have yet to announce the winner!AND THE WINNER IS.....(right after this commercial break)! lol..that was bitchy of me ayyy!!...jk jk..I will be announcing the winners on my youtube AND my blog on the next video...FYI I already chose the winner for both giveaways, I just basically have to annouce please bare with me while I get all my ish together and finally record a video for the GRAND OCCASION I wont have time to mail out the prizes til the end of this month...yes Im mad crazy busy yo! lol...such a divaaaaa the meantime, enjoy this look I put together the other day....basically I was too lazy to do anything with the huuurrr so I figured, twiisties...side part...and a flower for some extra pizazz!! and yes the lipstick I am rocking is MACs Russian new fave *woot woot*..and for the eye makeup I am currently OBSESSED with Urban Decays NAKED pallette!! it is beyond amazing in every way yeah I used that all up in my eyelids :)... I really love the flower in my hair because it reminds of a flamenco dancer...except with some flava :) Shall we dance?...!!