Sunday, January 2, 2011

Swaggin on em NYE style

HAPPY NEW YEAR DOLLS!!!! Ok so where do I start, this NYE was bananas for me! I usually dont like going out on NYE since all the drunks are out and as we all know with a accident the drunk driver NEVER dies, its always the the people in the other yeah I get a bit paranoid, but I aint trying to die!! Anyway me and a group of friends decided to take our chances and head on out to some club! Let me say that I dont REMEMBER A THING! (which means good right?) um yeah I cant really write about it but I do have some pictures that my friends were more then happy to show far as the makeup I decided to go with a red hot lip and some light eyes..I actually dont like how the eyes came out *blah*..but then again thats why I took my sunglasses..not only did they hide the no bueno eye makeup but they also hid my glazed over drunk look!!!!


  1. you look fucking bomb with red lips and your hair like that<333

  2. hella cute look! lookin fierce! work it girl!