Monday, November 7, 2011


Dont ask me why this website is being bootleg and uploading my pictures sideways :/ Anyway here is the look I did on my newest youtube video :) I was feeling hella inspired with my Hello Kitty hoody and decided to play with greys and glitters...

What I used:

Too Faced Shadow insurance
Victorias Secret Shimmer Fierce Liquid Eyeshadow in "Firework"
I then applied a trasnlucent MAC glitter (I forgot the name being that I got a free sample) I only applied this to the inner eye lid, while the shadow was stll wet. This would ensure the glitter staying put..DUH!
I then used my NAKED pallete and used "Gunmetal" for my lid, used "Buck" for my crease, and then to deepen the look I used "Creep" on my upper crease.
I lined my lower lashline wih Victorias Secret Shimmer Fierce Liquid Eyeshadow in "Firework" and then used the "Creep" eyeshadow to darken the bottom half.
I finsihed the look off with UD 27/7 liner in Zero for the water line :)
Throw on some Falsies and a pink lip and your all done!

Let me know what you guys things about a possible sale I would have on Ebay...would you guys be interested in buying?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Like to Cut.....(Halloween Makeup Tutorial)

Hey dolls! so here it is finally my second halloween look, I was really nervous about this particular look because I have never worked with liquid latex *giggity* and prop type makeup before but I must say that I was BEYOND please with the outcome. These are the supplies that you will need to achieve this look (besides makeup of course) I purchased all these products at Party City, Im sure you can get these at any Halloween Store though... Sooooooooooooo without further adue lets start this look: I started with prepping my face with smashbox color adjusment primer, I then used a revlon foundation about 3 shades lighter then my own skin tone (because were going for a vampire, lifeless type of color). I finished it off with MAC's loose powder, this gives it a matte look and also if you put the right amount, it will pale you out
After applying your face, were going to focus on the eyes! (I saved the neck slicing for the end because it would be super uncomfy to work with it on and doing all the girly makeup ish you know?!.)..Ok so like I was saying, the eyes! I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance to prime my eyes, I then applied NYX jumbo pencil in black on my lid followed by NYX jumbo pencil in Copper color over the black (this creates a dark but pretty look) I then used my Beauty Factory Pallete and used the darkest purple to go over the lid (on top of the NYX jumbo pencil combo that you applied on the lid earlier) This will give it a matte finish. I then took MAC's eyeshadow in "Sketch" (a deep burgundy color) and used my 224 brush to blend in from the crease up. Now when your blending the sketch in you want to make sure you go high, almost to your eyebrow and also work your way deep into the inner eye lid portion this gives it a more dramatic effect. This is optional, but I added a light/golden highlight to the inner eye lid because I did not how dark the look came out to be originally. Remember you can do whatever you like, but Iadded that. I used the golden cream color from my pallette. So far it should look a lil sumtin sumtin like this.. I then lined my eyes using cake liner and applied dramatic eyelashes, think the BIGGA THE BETTA. Moving on to the contour, now were going for a very gothic look, so you have to make the contour on your cheekbones be super intense to make them look "sunken in" and dead like. I used a matte brown and blended it with a burgundy color from my pallete to give it harsher feel. Now when I say contour to the max I MEAN IT! go HARD and use alot. No highlight no pinks....were going for dark and scary. As for the lips I used a Jordana lipstick in "Black", this actually was a very cheap brand of lipstick so it did not do well with the color pay off, so I used my shadow brush and tapped in some black and burgundy eyeshadows and tapped them on my lips (do not apply like you would lipstick this will only make it look cakey!) So far it should look a lil like this Ok so now that your face is all done up, we are going to apply the slit neck plastic thinga ma jig I purchased from Party City I used spirit gum to attach it. Your going to get the fake piece of neck and just dab a little bit of spirit gum through out the neck piece, puttin more around the edges. Your also going to place spirit gum directly on your neck and your going to tap it with your fingers because this will make it more tacky and adheve better. Let it dry for a little (NOT completely) and then apply the neck piece onto your neck....Once the neck piece is firmly on you can start making it as gorry as you like! I use the lipquid latex and tapped it all over the neck piece and on my own skin creating "extra skin", wait for it to dry to start applying red eyeshadow in the creases (I used the red e/s from my pallete) This will give it a more "real" and "dramatic" effect. Once I was happy with the redness of the look, I started dabbing the fake blood (with a sponge) on the insides of my neck creases (this sounds gross lol, like i have folds of skin!!hahaha) anyways like I was saying. For pictures sake I also squirted blood throughout, to give it a more violent and fresh I had just slit my throat and decided to take pictures of it LOL....Anyway here are some pictures I took of the finished look (its from my camera phone so the quality might not be as great).....I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED THIS LOOK!! I HAVE A COUPLE OF MORE TO GO...REMEMBER USE YOUR CREATIVITY! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Nicki Minaj Halloween Trial (take 1)

Hey dolls! So I dont know about yall but I'm super phyched about Halloween! I dont really dress up like that, but I do love making makeup looks, Last year I was Snooki 2010 and the year before that I was a chola 2009 (from East L.A of course)
So this year I wanted to do several looks! I figured I would start with something fun and easy. You can rock this look outside of Halloween too! I love me some Nicki Minaj, I was feeling her WAAAAAAAAAAY more during her mixtape days (5 star chick video days for those of you who didn't know her before that) because I felt like that betche's swagg was always on point sexy and feminine! But now she went all Lady Gaga on us *frowns* Dont get me wrong I love her still but I just liked her style when she was a hot girl with mad rapping skills, I feel that now her costumes take away attention from her music *shrugs* This is going waaaay off topic, anyway, I love her no matter what she does! With that being said I came up with this look! This was my first attempt and I must admit that I do like it, but after I looked at it I was thinking that maybe some blues and greens would be more Nicki Minaj-ish, Im going to attempt a 2nd try and post it on here. I know alot of my supporters want me to do a tutorial, however I dont have editing so that is kind of hard to do, Im not trying to have you watch a 3 hour video LOL, so Im thinking I would just post the look on here and show step by step what I used and how I created this look, would you guys want me to do it on here, or would rather watch a 30 minute long video! *winks* Here are some more pictures of me being a low key camera whore and showing off my Nicki look! Let me know if you would like to see how I created this look


Monday, September 12, 2011

Eyebrow Tutorial!

Here is a super easy and quick way to do your eyebrows! I swear by Revlons Brow Fantasy, its the best thing ever created!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Killa Cali

So the day has finally come! As you know (or may not know) I have been talking to a fellow blogger ( for quite some time now, and we always talked about "meeting up" but never really did. Our busy schedules just would not allow, but I finally had the pleasure of meeting Caley (I call her Killa Cali lol)just the other day and let me just say we just flowed. But before I go into the amazing-ness that is Caley, I want to show you what I decided to wear for makeup. I have been obsesed with the NAKED pallete from Urban Decay, its my ish. I swear if you only buy one pallete your entire life then this is the one! It retails for $44 but believe me well worth it. I swear I talk about this pallete like its my man,! yeah he's the bomb *hehehehe* Seriously though I love this pallete. Anyway I wanted to do a smokey brown eye, so I primed my eyes with Urban Decays Shadow Insurance and then covered my entire eye lid with Makeup Forever's Aqua Cream eye shadow in #13 (this is now another FAVE!!!!) This provides not only a foundation for the shadows, but being that it is a glossy finish, it will make this look "POP" even more. I used a regular eyeshadow brush and applied "Virgin" from the pallet in my inner eye lid, then used "Sidecar" for the middle of my eyelid, and I then created a small "V" on the outer part of my eyelid with the color "Smog". Now to create a "deeper" finish I used a small tapered brush and applied "Darkhorse" on my crease. I then used Urban Decays 24-7 liner in "Bourbon" for the bottom eye lid and Urban Decay's 24-7 liner in "Zero" for the inner eye lid. Once I was done getting my face all done up I was torn with what lip color to go with. So at first I went with a nude,glossy lip... I really didn't like it, I felt like it washed my bronzy look that I had going, so decided to go with a Red, I used MAC's "Russian Red" lipstick and then applied a red lip gloss over it (I dont have the name of it because it was some bootleg lipgloss set with no name, I got last Christmas) I started applying the lipgloss in the middle of my lips and worked my way outwards, this little trick just basically gives the illusion of having plumpier lips! I really loved the look better with Red Lips, and by doing the red lips, it inspired me for the outfit that I wore that day. (Im sorry that I did not take pictures of it!! but I have received sooooo many requests for outfits of the day, that I will be doing some of those and posting it on here!!) But I basically rocked a white blazer, a white V-Neck Chic Minnie Mouse shirt that I bought at Wally world!! NO LIE! it was mad dope and only $7.50!! paired it was some knit black leggings and some nude strappy wedges. Topped it off with my 3 chain necklace and some bunny earrings. VOILA ready to meet my fashionista Twinny! Now unto the good part I finally met her!!! We started with lunch and ended up shopping DUH!! We went to this little asian store and I found sooooo may cute tops! I will for sure do a video on all the clothes I bought! All in all I was so happy that I finally got to meet her and hope that we can have a long lasting friendship! Good friends are hard to come by, so I welcome the opportunity of making new ones!

Monday, August 29, 2011


I have always considered my self a lover of fashion and hip hop, I've supported the culture behind it. I feel like now a days anyone can make a clothing line without any substance, solely focusing on the fads with no backbone to support it. As we know fads come and go but the story behind a brand is what invokes thought and leaves a longer lasting impression then just a "whats hot at the moment" type of style. With that being said I felt like I should spotlight a clothing company that I fully support Barely Broke Intellects( ) barely broke standing for "the middle class people who aren't living the high life, yet are far from low class people. Its for the people who appreciate the simplicities of life" basically for the conscious people who hunger for more but are content with what they have. Not being "filthy rich" but Barely Broke...everything that they stand for is on some "higher thinking" type of level, from the garments to the fabric, to the concepts behind each print. Please watch the video below to get a full feel about what this brand is about! and if you can show them love on the comments as well. Let them know that real hip hop culture is apreciated and respected...
I have the pleasure of knowing one of the founders and have experienced first hand the love and passion he has for this clothing line, I see the dedication that he has from the smallest detail like a button to a full graphic design. I have never met anyone so commited to a dream. Before I say anything further I want to make it clear that I support the brand in general not because I'm friends with the one of the founders but because I believe in everything they stand for. To be able to meet such a young person with wisdom beyond his years has been an amazing experience for me because I am able to fully say 100%, no questions asked, what this label stands for. You all know me as being an extremely blunt person, I dont lie, I dont know how to, and I definitly would not show love to something or someone that I did not believe in, regardless if I'm friends with that person or not, so in no means is this post biased. I paid for my Snapback just like any consumer would, because like I said I BELIEVE IN THE BRAND and what it stands for and I will support it to the fullest. I love seeing young people hustle and strive for more. The reason for this post is because I received soooooooooooooooooooooo much love on my snapback when I wore it yesterday! I swear like 5 people asked me about it, and usually when i find a item that gets mad love I like to share it with you because I feel that you would enjoy it too! Your probably thinking "a girl wearing a snapback? hells naw" but let me tell you a girl can rock the ish out a snapback and still make it look mad dope! So please go check them out! help support real life fashion, and even if you dont buy anything, just by going on their website and showing love would be something in itself. Getting their name out there because I know at the end of the day this brand will be something big, we just need to help them get there!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do you Likey?!

YES?!! well then come "like" my page, I will love you forever if you do!!!! I will be posting updates, pictures, random thoughts, youtubes, blogpots, and if you talk to me I talk back!! So please come show love!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Go with the Grain (Review)

I dont know about you guys but I am OBSESSED with Facial Scrubs, Masks, Cleansers....I mean anything that has to do with the face Im wid it! I swear I have a problem! I feel like i have to try everything because how will I know what works and doesnt if I dont do test runs?! a duhhhhhh....LOL...With that being said I have always been an AVON/Mark fanatic, they have such great prices on makeup! and if you dont know what Mark is, basically its a "younger , hipper" version of AVON, more catered to the younger saucier B's out there! *ahem...ME* Both AVON and MArk are sold by an AVON representivtive...and if you dont have one, then use mines! duhhh!!! She is the best! Tell her Gucci sent you! Tamara Hosey (714)720-9011... I love Mark!! and I could not help but notice-) these "exfoliating beads"using bean/rice bran (sounds hella organic right?!) as soon as I saw it I was like "yeahhhh I got to try this!" so I did, I ordered it and I have had the chance to use it for a couple of weeks, and this is my review!!
Ok, first of all when I ordered it I thought this was going to be an exfoliating cleanser, meaning. I t would be ready to use. to my surprise it was not! it was nothing but beads. I had never seen such a thing because I was so used to using my regular exfoliating masks that are ready to use.

these bead are super fine! but yet are sturdy enough to get the cleansing job done...and done well!!..For todays review I paired these exfoliating beads with my Netrogena Deep Cleanser Shine control mask *sighs* super yum! after applying a small amount on the pal of my hand, I then sprinkled about a dime size of beads into the mix! (you can do this step in two ways)1. you can apply the face wash onto a damp face and then add the beads onto your face or you can do what I did, which is basically mix the two in the palm of my hand and then apply it onto my damp face... you then just dip your finger (A CLEAN FINGER) into the mix and just twirl it around very gently as to not dillute the beads in your palm! Remember you want this concoction of AWESOMENESS on yo face NOT yo palm DUHHH *lol*
Now you just Scrubby Scrubby Dubby all over your Facey Wasey :) you will feel a light scrubbing sensation over your skin, Go as Hard or as slow as you like (thats what SHE said lol) when rubbing the mask on. I like to go soft in my delicate areas (like around my eyes) and then go a little bit harder on my breakout areas (like my chin) Do this for about 30 sec to a min... After you are done rubbing, I usually like to leave the mask on for a couple of minutes after just to let it sink in (I dont know if it really does anything but in my mind it does!) Then you just rinse and dry! (remember not to rub the towel on your face! this is no bueno! you want to lightly tap away all the extra moisture, this is your face not sandpaper! )
and VOILA' your face is left feeling super soft like a babys butt! no joke! You instantly can feel the results (go ahead lightly rub your own face! ) I will say this DO NOT get freaked out if your face is slightly red! remember you exfoliated which means you basically took all that dead skin off yo face so it might be red, but this doesnt last long. I have super sensitive skin and the "red" only lasted like 2 minutes..and NO it does not hurt ...Also remember that you only want to exfoliate 2x to 3x a week...this is not an everyday might end up looking like Freddy Kruger if you do! lmao is some more info on the ingredients and such.... PROS:

*it provides a deep cleanse

* the beads are rigid enough but soft enough to get the job done!

* there is no harsh smell

*the price $12-$14 ( I really dont remember)

*I kid you not when I say that you can feel the results right away! your skin feels alot smoother!!


* it is not "ready" (as in you have to mix it yourself with your own cleanser) it does take some getting used to but well worth it.

*after your done rinsing you might look a little red due to the exfoliation but no worries this goes away in less then 3 min!

*not everyone has an AVON rep, but like I said feel free to use mine and dont forget to tell her Gucci sent you! :) Tamara Hosey (714) 720-9011

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back on my Grizaaaay

Soooo it was brought to my attention that I have been one neglectful biatch to my blog *sad face* and you know its TRUE!!! I am so sorry if I have been lacking in the writting dept, but life doesn't stop for anyone, and so Im here because @Hohozay showed love and low key was like GET BACK ON THIS BLOG *lol* and I do what I'm told...Oh and in case you aren't following me on Twitter I suggest you do that! duhhh I say random shit on there that at times can tickle your fancy!

Ok back to this writing ish,I am so sorry that I have taken my sweet ass time to write on here but Im here now and nothing has changed..well actually yes..I shaved the side of my head :) what do you guys think?! I was so nervous about it, like almost cried on the barber chair LOL but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the outcome... I really havent taken any pictures lately but I have done sooooo many makeup looks, recently I did a look that I fell in love with and got mad compliments on so I figured I would share it with you!....Now mind you the quality of picture is no all that great because these all were taken from my cell phone but aye Im trying ova hereeee *New Jersey voice*
I basically got NAKED for this look, as you know I am currently OBSESSED with the NAKED pallette from Urban Decay!! Its simply amazing in every way, the colors are browns and neutrals and although I can be one saucy B I also like to be mellow (umm at times) so I basically just used that all up on my eyelids!! threw on some Fake Lashies and boom ...
I used MAC's Lip Gelee, I dont remember the color but it was from their Venomous Villains collection and it was Dr.Facilier from the Princess and the Frog *my daughters favorite movie*
Speaking of which, the love of my life that takes up all my time.....MY DAUGHTER
Me and my booski had a wonderful day, had lunch together, bought shoes! and her little butt was even wanting to get clothes at Forever yeah we went there as well! We ended our day with Yogurtland...not just ANY yogurt...but HELLO KITTY YOUGURTLAND!!! go check them out! I am collecting all their spoons and even managed to sneek some cups to take home with me..I know Im bad! lol....
Until next time my kitties.....

Friday, June 17, 2011

Charms & Barbie

Hey Dolls!! Long time no write my loves! I been super busy with my daughter and all her school activities! Seems like sooo much to do towards the end of the school year! ya know! Anywho I wanted to share a few things with you, one being my neutral makeup, two being the bomb ass charm earrings I bought! and third being my Barbie necklace!! I had recently gone to the Slausson Swaap meet deep in L.A and I found the most cutest things of your life! one of them being my Barbie Gold Necklace ($18) I also found some off the wall crazy colored leopard leggings! which when I was buying them my friends would not stop making fun of me! "gucci for real though? those leggings>!!! " ...Im like DUHHHHHH...anyway here are some pictures! Enjoy!!!