Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Luda and Cici at it again!!!

Random post....

I have been a fab of Ciara for the longest and I wasd so happy to see that she just did a collabo with no other then LUDA...if you recall they had that one HUGE HIT back in the day "Oh"...well I just finished watching her newest video called "Ride"...ummm yeah the lyrics are a bit too much for me but her DANCING!! OMG...that girl can move..I just had to share it with yall because I was left with my mouth wide open and I have never seen dancing like that! Let me know what you think...( I personally think that "wet tshirt" riding a bull was too much!!") Thoughts?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dem Browz

So remember how I was telling you that I was growing out my eyebrows....well I finally got them did *woot woot* right now we are still working on the shape so their a bit too thick (I think) but I love the shape my eyebrow threader has done so far....OMG and I have the funniest story ever...So me and my BF went to a club on Saturday night and aS soon as we walked in some dude comes up to me and was all "So are you filming?" ...I look at him like WTF are you talkin about..he says "you know your show..Keeping up with the Kardashians..cuz damn girl you look like Kim" LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! are you freaking kidding me! I was so embrassed for that guy..I mean who does soon as he said that I told me friend "it must be my thick eyebrows lmao" but wait he doesnt stop there...he then says "oh wait aren't you supposed to be in Miami filming with your sisters?".......I just laughed and walked away..yeah better luck next time you lame O!!!!....anyway so the question is....Do you like my browz? should I keep em this way? or go a little bit thinner on em?...

before I forget I hope you all had a FABULOUS Easter..mine was so much was a 1st bday party/Easter combo....My nephew turned the big 1!! got him the cutest little cake ever!!!