Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hey dolls, been a minute since I posted anything ...been feeling so uninspired lately with makeup...and overly inspired on the spending of mula...I been also working a like a I cant wait to go on vacation in 2 days..I will be having 14 days off *woot woot* I have a 4 day trip to Vegas with my daughter and my mama *she is my best friend* ..I am not a gambling girl anyway and Vegas has never really called my name...were basically doing it to get away from Killa Cali..during spring break every year, we usually do a trip to San Diego and go to Sea World, or the zoo, but this year I wanted to do something different..hence VEGAS BAYBBEE (wish me luck)...So now that you are officially caught up on my life (well some things)we will begin with the blog ..I dont know if its much of a make up post rather then me just feelin the need to write...because honestly I dont think my makeup was on point, so please excuse the pictures...the shadow didnt look right...the brows were bushy (trying to grow em out) ...I was retarded when it came to putting on lashes so in the end I took em off UGH annoyed..I have been having one hell of a week at at work working 54 hours in a span of 4 needless to say I was tired, but it was one my good best friends birthday and she reallly wanted to go out..when we planned this I had not known that I would work so much that week so I said sure.but after all that I was like "hey ummm. can we just do dinner and a bar or something? im realy not in a Clubbing moood" So we agreed that we would do that instead and I would pick her up at 9pm...wellI got off work at home and wondered "where is my kiddo?" Called my mama and she told me they were at Chick*Fil*A...I wanted to spend sometime with my daughter before I went out, plus I wasnt going to get all dolled up anyway (so I didnt need alot of time to get ready) because I was NOT in the mood in going out at all!!! Chick Fil A turned in to lets go to Target (my weakness) turned into a short stop at Toys R the time I got home it was 845!! aghhhh...but wait it gets better....
As I am pulling up to my house I notice 2 young guys standing there....WEARING TIES....HOLDING BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!MORMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AGHHHHHH,

(please any religious people do not get offended by the following..and if you do then I cant really change what happened or wat I said STOP READING NOW lol) So I already know they are going to want to talk to me and I am in a hurry! So while I am getting out my car my friend calls me, to make sure I was on my way, I told her LOUDLY "AGH, I AM JUST GETTING HOME, ILL BE THERE ..!!" and surprise surprise that was NOT a hint enough to walk and leave me the Fuck alone (yes I was a total bitch these last 4 days but you cant blame me! ) they choose to stand there..they were 2 young boys a handsome white boy and a nerdy is our convo exactly like it happend...

Mormons: Do you have a minute to speak the word with you?

Me: No I dont I am in a hurry. (polite yet stern)

Mormons: Well when would it be the best time to come and talk to you?

(by this time my other friend had just pulled up and was taking her sweet ass time taking out all her shit from her trunk to finish getting ready)


Mormons: when would be a good time? (really your asking me again!!! I didnt answer you! )

Me: How bout on a weekday, after people get home from work and NOT when their eating dinner...and NOT on a Friday and damn near 9 pm when people are getting ready to go out..

Mormons: umm

Me: How old are you guys anyway (at this point I dont know why I am asking this but my friend is taking for ever and a day to take the hint and come inside my house)

Mormons: Im 21 (cute white boy) Im 19(nerdy asian)

Me: Dont you guys go out, its a Friday!

Mormons: NO (both of them)

Mormons: I have devoted myself for the last 2 years (cute white boy)

Me:(AHA moment, might as well have fun right...) So do you guys have girlfriends?

Mormons: NO (both of them)

Me: Do you guys have sex?


Mormons: umm um...this is ...I dont see why....We don want to answer that (cute white boy)

Me: Really? so this is awkward right
Mormons: YES! (both in unison like get me out of here)


Me: Really? THIS RIGHT HERE IS AWKWARD (pointing at myself and them) Really? Is it as awkward as showing up at some strangers house at 9 pm on a Friday night, to come and speak about a god.. when you dont even know what kind of religion we are..Is it that awkward? cuz thats awkward right?

Mormons: (shake their heads)

Me: Well then! my point exactly...You 2 are too young to be spending your time harrasing people...GO OUT..HAVE FUN..LIVE A LITTLE..BONE SOME GIRLS!!!..BEFORE YOU GET TOO OLD TO ENJOY YOUR 20'S!!!( I turn to my airheaded friend) ANGIE BRING YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!! (and we walk in ....)
preety bitchy right? well by no means did I ever plan that but I had diareah of the mouth like no other! super bitchy that day lol Anyway for the record I have nothing against anyones religion, I went to Private and Catholic schools my whole life...but I do have a problem with people pressuring others or harrasing people about how their religion is so awesome and yours sucks...come on our side were the best..neener neener nee ner (little kid voice)...yeah I have a problem with them having the big ass balls to just walk up to a house ring a door bell and PREACH to someone they dont know.!!! I mean how disrespectful is that? waking you up on a Sunday morning to talk about something that you never asked to come over and preach about!..or interrupting your dinner?!! seriously its like their telemarketers with FEET!!! LISTEN IF I ONE DAY WAKE UP OUT OF NOWHERE WANTING TO CHANGE MY WHOLE BEING AND WHAT I HAVE BELIEVED IN MY WHOLE LIFE, I WILL COME LOOK FOR YOU!! UNTIL THEN DO NOT COME AND VISIT ME!!!
(excuse the grossy eyebrows, im attempting to grow them out and do something different and unfortunately it looks so gross when anyone does this!!! You have no idea how hard it is for me not pluck these bad boys out!!! AGHHHHHHHHH)
Anyway I have to say that me and Angie were crackin up so hard on how bitchy I was (she knew I was in a bad mood, because she had texted me earlier that day and noticed THROUGH TEXT that I was in a bad mood..How funny is it when people can pick up on your mood through a text lol) she knew I had it in me that night anyway we got ready..I had no idea what to wear..but I did get a surprise in the mail that 3 tier 2BD link chain earrings LOVE LOVE LOVE..I knew I would rock those..and some new jacket I had with tons of buttons on reminded me of a navy seal makeup was blahhh...By the time we left my house it was 10 pm..picked up my friend...drove to El Torito, they have the best margaritas ever!!!
Oh and the best Guac ever! They make it right in front of you! MILD PLEASE!!!
After some drinks and dinner. We drove over to the Hookah bar...we danced, smoked..and over all I had so much fun..its like the whole working like a dog never happened..... in the end I had an amazing time with even more amazing friends!!! minus the annoying mormoms that is! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

And the winner is.............

WHAT HAPPEPENED!!! I only had miss Becky guess who the Bad Bitch in the picture that I posted on my last post was! lol...Yall need to step your game up!! :) j/k.....So Becky from Everyday makeup with Becky was the only one BRAVE enough to take a guess lol....And she guessed RIGHT!!! The Gorgeous Gal you see Below is no other then Martha Stewart!!!!
Becky as always your Bad ass!!!!thanks for always checkin in on your girl !

Sunday, March 7, 2010

About Face

You can never learn too much, when it comes to makeup. Different techniques, different brushes, ect! So I am constantly buying makeup but your girl does like to read too believe it or not! I think that my favorite...WAIT I DONT THINK I KNOW!!!My ultimes favorite MUA is KEVYN AUCOIN (ladies google this man!!!!!!) I have 4 of his books (including his autobiography) and just the work he would do!!! you would NOT believe, when I saw he would transform people, HE WOULD!!! Here is just a little taste of this mans ART (yes because at the of the day makeup is art!)

on the Left (Wynona Ryder as Elizabeth Taylor!!Amazing right!) Right(Gina Gershon)Right(Calista Flockart as Audrey Hepburn)
Left(Gwenyth Paltrow as James Dean!!) Isnt it just madness how makeup can change a person completely! Ok so this one transformation that I am about to post you will NEVER guess who it is!!!! Seriously when I was reading the book I could not guess who it was! and the answer FLABERGASTED me! Here it is:
Can you ladies take a guess! 1 million trillion cool points if you know who this is WITHOUT googling it or researching it! (I will let you know the answer in a post later on) So the reason why I even brought this up is because I recently bought a make up book by Scott Barnes who is mostly known for being Jennifer Lopez's makeup artist(boricua!!) and he was the man that created those gold bronze looks in her JLo days! (my personal favorite, circa 2000. Before marrying skeletor Marc Anthony YUCK!...and AFTER her Diddy days!...Im talkin about the Ben Affleck days) Here are a few of my FAVE looksYes the man responsible for all this gorgeousness has written a book! with helpful tips, tricks, and mini interviews from celebrities he has worked with! Here is the book
it has some plastic cover on it, so it doesnt look good when takin pictures but here is what it looks like without it! I really liked the book, the techniques and the color use in it, I tried taking some good pictures but I dont have those high quality tourist type ones! I have a regular canon power shot :) The book only cost $25 bones and it was worth every penny! Here are a few pages..

If you are ever having a brain fart or need some inspiration....get you a makeup book :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dont Talk to him he looks like a TURTLE!!!

Hey dolls, so I had gone out with my best friend Angie the other night and did a dark purple shimmery eye, being that it was night time and we was going to a club I went all out *duh* had to bust out the Gaga glove. So funny story right..I have a daughter as you all may or may not know, she is 5 years old, and I call her "mi esposito"(translation my little husband) because she is super possesive of me *cute not annoying* I mean seriously we are always together, Disneyland passes, trips to the zoo (I get a emplOyee discount because I work for the city so we get in for free ...yesssssir), tea parties, dress up (mama make me my makeup *lol) so you get the picture right! anywho, she kind of gets a hint when I am about to go out because she looks at me and says "Mama are you playing with your makeup or you leaving!" (she see's me do make up on clients and sometimes I just do makeup on myself for practice even if I dont go out and just stay home *practice makes perfect duh*) So I can already see her antsy *geez relax*...So on this night she was lying on my bed playing with her Leapster (which if your not a parent, it is basically a gameboy but waaaaaay more educational and age appropriate) All of a sudden Angie walks in..Ty looks up, drops her leapster and says in a stern voice "I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!" OMG lmao, we literally almost died laughing, its like she had caught me slipping, like I was cheating on her *sigh I love my daughter so much!* Anyway after explaining to her that we were going to a "grown up" place we drove off to the club. When we got there it was so packed, music was blazing, people was sweating *gross* but guess what we were looking fresh! lol that is one of the perks you get when you get to a club at close to 1am! Everyone alreay is drunk and looking tore up and your looking perky and fresh! Anyway long story short there is this guy who used to date my girl Angie, (and I had actually met him before I met Angie, because he was talking to my friend*at the time*B...and he endeded up having a girlfriend because she called B saying so..anyway me and him kind run the same spots so if I see him its always like heyy..or hi...MIND YOU HE IS SOOOO NOT MY TYPE!!!YUCK so not ever ever ever did we talk as if we were into each other or we was trying to date! I mean besides the point he is ugly..He was talking my girl B (never ever talk to any of your friend's ex' he obvisouly is a liar because while he was talking to B he had a GF the whole time!!!) Anyway when I met Angie, I didnt know she knew him! so it was funny to talk about how I know him and how she knew him...anyway Angie ends up telling him what I told her (you know how he used to talk to my friend knowing he had a gf!) HE HAS THE AUDACITY TO SAY " nah your girl was all on me, she wants me, she be talkin bout take me out..yeah you can even ask my niggas they know!" ..OH HELL TO THE NOOOOOOOOO..never EVER EVER in his cartoon life would I ever find him remotely attractive! and I for damn sure aint "all over" any kind dude. Im not that type of chick. Anyway that night he was there *UGH* and my friend for some reason feels the need to talk to him when she sees him (there is a shit load of other drama that would not fit in a blog!! this guy and his homies are like little high school know the gossiping bitchlike type...uh yeah..YOUR MEN!! please take off your thongs and start acting like it! BITCHASSNESS IS NOT A GOOD LOOK) I on the other hand am BLUNT and really dont put up with people's bullshit..You only get one chance with me and then your out! So guy comes over and is like "Hey Angie" and she talks to him,..he looks at me and is like "what up Gucci" I just give him this look (you know the kind of look when you smell shit? ) yeah THAT look..anyway as he was walking away, I told my girl "wtf ..WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO HIM HE LOOKS LKE A TURTLE...he's ugly!!!" *and he really does, add on a big ass gap in between his teeth, bald head, and beady eyes*.......Well I guess he heard me because Angie told me his lame butt called her at like 3 am that day and was like " I heard her, she called me a turtle! and said I was ugly bla blah" complaining to MY best friend...and you know what his comeback was "Well what is up with her hair...she looks like a cupcake" LMAO...Ok Donatello Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle.....YOUR UGLY!! Morale of the story :NEVER EVER IN YOUR LIFE TALK TO A TURTLE!

by the way this is what I used to Beat my Face :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Revlon PhotoReady (MUF HD foundation Dupe!!!!! NO JOKE!!)

Ok so um..As soon as I saw that Revlon PhotoReady foundaton commercial with Halle Berry (Halle Berry...Halle Berry..she walkin like a model..hands on her knees..scrub the ground...she aint nuttin but a tease..Halle Berry*singing* lol i you dont get it then you aint ever been to a hip hop club!) and it intrigued me beyond no other!!! I NEVER buy drug store Foundation or powder...I dont know Im just happy with my MAC studio Fix and my other Fave (but hella expensive) Make up Forever's HD foundation! And no your girl aint Boujee!! I rocked the Cover Girl Powder back in my High School days but that was when I worked at Target lol!!! I moved on up like the Jeffersons booooy!..Ok Ok Im kidding...I just stopped using cover girl because I had a mean ass allergic reaction and never looked back....
So back to my "review" I was suuuuuper excited about this particular product because its supposed to be all "photo shoots, flawless makeup" type ish. I went to Target and purchased the Revlon Photoready Foundation in 004 Nude along with the Revon Photoready Powder in Medium. It cost me $25 bones!(I purchased the powder because I like a little tint in my "finishing powder".But I also use MAC's Translucent Powder, it just depends on what Im doing or the coverage I dont need both, but you know me I have a problem and had to get em both!) First off, I love the fact that the foundation comes in a PUMP!!! *can I get a woot woot*..My ladies know what I'm talkin about *ahem Revlon Colorstay!!* so it is much easier to use and alot more sanitary!!


Foundation comes in a pump!!!!

Has SPF20 in it *skin cancer is yucky duhh*


Foundation does not smell weird

Lightweight yet provides substantial coverage(* I didnt know it had SPF in it when I bought it because honestly if I would have known I would NOT have bought it, SPF foundations tend to BREAK ME OUT like nobodys bussiness and make look EXCESSIVELY oily YUCK. but Im glad I didnt take the time to read the label because I would have missed out*)

Seriously I didnt even feel like I was wearing makeup! and after a 12 hour work day it still looked FRESH!!!I only had to touch up once and when I say touch up I mean I used a Clean and Clear Oil Blotter, NEVER added anymore powder!! HELLO!!)

Super EASY to blend!!! because the foundation isn't thick and gross, its really light, you only need less then 1 pump for your whole face! It spreads like butta!! lol


Their isnt a wide variety of shades for different skin colors

Not found in Alot of stores (yet I guess)

I feel the same way about the powder, it is really soft and light and I apply it with a powder brush for "LIGHT" coverage, you def don't want to go heavy on both. Anyway dolls I hope this helps you....OH yeah and dont be afraid to try it, because most stores will take any return as long as it has a receipt (YES EVEN if i is open and used) I actually had to go back and return the Foundation because I felt it was a little lighter then I wanted. I went back and traded it for the 005 Shell :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Color my Forecast (MAC HAUL) yes another one! I have a problem!!!

Hey ladies! So I been MIA for a minute but I am so happy to see that I have gotten some new followers *yay me*!! I really do enjoiy writing in this ol blog of mine and thank you to all my followers for the lovely comments, messages, questions, I love it! ok um so anyway now that I got that over with lets get to the bizz shall we? I bought a couple of things from MAC (Ok I know A TON!! at least thats what my wallet told me!) I really been wanting to get some MAC stuff from several of their collections and guess what I decided NOT to get anything (at that time) because I have soooo much make up its sad, but instead I waited to just go all out of control at once! and got several things...go big or go home!!!
I got 2 studio fix in Nc35 ( I hate not having a back up just in case you lose your compact or it breaks, or your down to the last bit and realize OH SHIT!! I dont have any studio fix!) A true addict must carry a well rounded supply!
I also bought 3 blushes! My favorite Fleur Power(because I used it all) and have been dying to have the MAC cremeblend blush in Joie-de-Vivre and Florida!! OMG I love them!!! they are so awesome, creamy and can double for a lipstick!!!I also bought 5 lipsticks *yummy*Color me Coral, Victorian, Viva La Glam Gaga (2 of them duh because i love her and pastel pinks are a favorite of mine), Fresh Salmon on to the swatches, hope it helps when making you lipstick choices ehhhhhh
Color me Coral (I love love love this lipstick!!! so much so that I went back to MAC and bought 4 more!!! I mean this is limited edition and you already know how I do..I mean do I even have to explain myself!!!lol)
Victorian, a matte, soft HOT pink(I have a crappy camera so you cant really see the HOT in it but trust me there is a hint of HOT pink in there)Viva Glam in GAGA, I abolutely love this color! it is a soft pink lustre. Makes the pout POP!
Fresh Salmon...womp womp woooooooooooooomp...personally I didnt like it as much on my lips as I liked it on my hand...NUFF SAID!
oooh now the Coulor Forecast Collection....Colour Forecast Stacked1! Colour Forecast stacked2! (I really didnt pay attention to what kind of pigments these were but they are not your standard pigments loose and fine..they are CRUSHED METAL...hence the name CRUSH METAL PIGMENTS! Im a dumbass) anywho these are harder to use for me because they dont stick as well and I literally found it impossible to use a brush to put these babies on (they just would not stick)! Dont get me wrong the colors are AMAZING!!!but hard to use....any tips on these?) I also got some stackable containers :) they are cheap, and easy to use! Also a NC30 Studio Sculpt concelaer..I have never used their concealer before and let me tell you I LOVE IT! smooth creamy...does not crease!