Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NIcki Minaj-Pink Friday (MY SECOND VIDEO)


  1. for real you are the onlyyy person whos videos ill sit and watch! lol

  2. @Cristina BarbieLuvsMac OMG you dont even know how that makes me cheese over here!! thanks for the love hun! must I say that I always look forward to your post..your swag is always on point!

  3. Gucciiiiii Doll ! Omg lucky I wanted one they were all sold out and still are when I try .. lucky betch .. anywho I just made an email for my blog so email me a.s.a.p at PardonMyClosetImAFashionAddict@Gmail.Com so now people won't get our personals lmao ... hahaha

    Xoxo Caley Ann @ PardonMyCloset.BlogSpot.Com