Thursday, December 9, 2010

BooBoo's Circus (Pic Heavy)

I cant believe my godson AKA booboo is 1 already!! Wow how time flies by! You really dont understand the concept of time until you have a kid. I swear I feel old as heck when I see my daughter *sad wrinkly face* I wish she could be a baby forever...With that being said me and the sis in law went hard on this Carnival Circus theme, I swear she had so many ideas and we made it happen. I mean look how we transformed our back yard into a circus!! Yeah we went all out boooooooooy, such an amazing day filled with nothing but love in honor of Jayden's 1st Birthday! We had everything from cotton candy machines and popcorn, to me using my makeup skills for face painting *ehhhhhh*...I am so blessed to have such amazing people around me, my family is DOPE! I kid you not!! Here are the proud parents!
Me and Brother Bear The proud mama and Birthday Boy!!
So as far as my outfit and makeup for the day, it was cold as heck that day (but thank gosh it didnt rain!!) I decided to wear my black pleather motorcycle jacket from Forever 21 with some black leggings paired off with some knee high boots. I also wore these super long earrings I bought at Torrid a while ago, and so I wasnt all in black I used my Ivory Lacy Cowl to finish off the look. Thats my cousin Jessica, she JUST HAD A BABY!!! SERIOUSLY!!! lookin hella legit right now!!
My favorite cousin ever Lisa and fellow Hello Kitty enthusiast..look at her babys beanie (yes it is Hello kitty!!!) * I die* such a cute family!! Hard at work ya diggggg
Mi familia! Thats my best pal right here, I did her makeup for the event, she was looking extra yum that day *ask her fiance*
Here is my ride or die bitch Ree, ummm yeah this girl and me together is major trouble! I love her oober mucho!! Also I forgot to mention my DOPE ASS rings, so I went to Torrid and saw this single ring, well as I am waiting to pay I tried on 2..then 3...then Im LIKE WTF!! this is looking all kinds of bananas on my hand right now, it looks like a 3 finger ring but with major BLING!!! *yowza* I had to buy them ($14 each) the girl looked at me crazy like "Really you want all 3 for you?!!"...yes MAM,,now kindly take my money and shut the F*** up *smiles* Here is a close up of the rings (courtesy of my creative ass mind) and while you at it take a look at the makeup, I basiclly used neutrals...

and back to the family....
My 2 FAVORITE aunts!!! one of them my Godmother (left) who I simply ADORE and the other just an overall AMAZING aunt....
BooBoo be swaggin too rockin them JORDANS *ok ok*
Ok so DOESNT she look like the the girl from Sweet Valley High know the twins lol...If you cant remember that show then the actress Im talking about is on the show "The Game" on BET..
And you already know that in a LATINO party there is always alcohol so it begins......
My ride or die bitch doing what she does best
The girls *daaaaaaaaaaamn*
Brother Bear looking extra gangsta with that Pink Cotton Candy
Happy Birthday to you!!! Look at just how much love this boy is surrounded with!!! *awwwww* I love you soooo much booboo!


  1. you look gorgeous as always and girl i love your eyebrows that way =]

  2. The party looked fun. Wish I was there. I want some cotton candy!

  3. Damnnnnn, you guys went all out, but it looks really good!