Monday, November 29, 2010

Venice,Hollywood,Gobble Gobble

Hey dolls...I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!..I know I did!..I was actualy on vacation for a full 12 days so I was able to do alot with the kiddo :)....I have been wanting to go to Venice Beach for a minute and my daughter has been begging to go to the Beach..So perfect opportunity! It was such a beautiful day..sunny but cold as ice!! ..I was able to find this super dope hat!! which I fell in love with!!! only $25..I also got some ridiculously huge rings and some incense (which I was told by the brother sellin em that if I light it I would be asking for trouble its an aphrodisiac...ummm ok...and followed by "your husband would enjoy it he is a lucky man" lmao...was I just hit on? smh
Those airplanes were hella dope, made completely out of soda cans!! Amazing right? My daughter fell in love with the rainbow mohawk beanie *ummmm* she get it from her mama lol.. Here is my Russian *its cold as F**** hat lol

So needless to say Venice Beach was the shit :) I loved it..Im so blessed to have the opportunity to be able to spend so much time with my daughter! That being said on Wednesday we went to Hollywood to see the world premiere of Tangled at El Capitan theater..The movie was so funny! and the cool thing about El Capitan is that you get to see a live stage show before the movie! SCORE! After the show was done we walked around the strip...found some amazing artist, dancers..and of course you know I had to go shopping! DUH..
I went to Forever 21 and bought this cute necklace that says "muse" with a bow on top..I guess its from their minnie mouse collecton *cute*.. I wore it for Thanksgiving....I wanted to do something bright for yeah its not "thanksgiving" colors but since when am i follower? I do what I want *heeeeeeeeeey* hence the big ass flower headband....I love dad on the other hand (mind you he dont bullshit either) says "WTF is on your looks like your about to be baptized!"...ummmm "Happy Thanksgiving to you too dad!" *smh* lol...I swear I love my Fambam!! their the shit!!! oooooooh P.S check out my nail game!!! I love em!!!!!!!!Again I got them done for thanksgiving..and again they are not "thanskgiving theme" but I fucks with it ;)


  1. Your daughter is so pretty! I love reading your blog.. you remind me of my uhhhhm x-bff, but we're working on becoming bff's again? I think.. watever. But I love your nails and the music on your page.. Haha.. I just adore you, actually.

  2. awww my ming always showing mad love!! I aodre you for that! Im glad that you and the ex bestie are woking thru your problems..I actually have started talking again to one of my ex besties..I think everyone deserves a second chance but if they F*** up a second time then its know..its like the saying says "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!"..your the cutest thing ever!

  3. Cute nails. I WANT THEM=)

  4. I have a russian hat similar to yours. I like your hello kitty nails!

  5. girl! i LUV your nails here, what design did you tell them to do or what? are they acrylic?! i want them! ugh an your flower look gawgeous!!