Friday, November 5, 2010

Snooki *WAAAAAAAAA* (Halloween Look)

Hey dolls, I hope everyone had an AMAZING and SPOOKY Halloweenies *yump I said weenies lol* I for one had a BLAST!! I swear to you I have never had so much fun on Halloween then I did this year and I didnt do anything out of control. And as always I usually just do a costume based on makeup!! so this year I wanted to be SNOOKI!!! from Jersey Shore, sadly to say alot of people say I look like her *GRRRRRR* I DISAGREE, I mean I was rockin the big hair waaaaay before Jersey lol..Anyway she inspired me to do this look and I love it! I must admit that I was feeling the look, I mean looking 8 shades darker then what I really am wasnt as bad as I thought *can I get a fist pump?* Here is the look...
So I prepped and primed my face as usual and used a stipple brush to blend in my foundation. Now I wanted to get the perfect orangy/tan tone so I bought 2 foundations. I used Revlon Photo ready foundation in CARAMEL and CAPPUCCINO (UGH I cannot express how amazing this foundation is! a must!)and then I used MAC's Setting powder to set the foundation. I also used MAC's Bronze Goddess along with another unnamed matte bronzer for my cheeks. I highlighted my cheekbones with an irresdecent light pink mineralized skin finish...
For the eyes I used: MAC greasepaint in Black (as the base), MAC Carbon e/s, and MAC Vanilla e/s. I lined my eyes with MAC Smolder eyeliner (another must have!!!) For the Lippies I used MAC Nude l/s and topped it off with MAC Saint Germain l/s. and there folks is my Snookie Look..*WAAAAAAAH*

So onto my Halloween night..My daughter was begging to have a Halloween Party, but being that I always go balls out on her birthday parties *which always set me back at least a grand!* I wasnt about to go all out for a Halloween party, so I told her we could have a little one, she could invite her best friend *plus me and her mama are Bffs DUH*and have spooky snacks, little activities and trick or treating. And that is just what we did!. AND IT WAS MY GODSONS FIRST EVER HALLOWEENIES!!! My booboo dressed up as a cute little puppy *he refused to have a painted on nose!*Isnt he a cutie patootie! and that right there is my baby mama Reevee, seriously like the best mom ever I swear! I love these two! We invited out other friends too, Erick, Colleeen, Rehanna, her family, Reevee's Family..anyway it was a family affair and AMAZING!! I swear I love my family OH SO MUCH!!! Take a peek into my Halloween night...
LOL my brother and the homie acting a fool #you mad #you mad lol


  1. wow!!! you nailed the snookie look!! I posted this look on my blog a couple of weeks ago & I gotta admit, mine got nothin on your's!! LOL... it's true!! your's is so much better!! love it!!

  2. OMG! Loll you do look like snookie! hahaa. love it :D

  3. Fist pump ! Hahaha omg girl your look is on point hahaha you look just like snooki great job !! Glad u had a fab halloween ! Keep in touch oh yea and thanks for checking out my blog and commenting back !

    XoXo Caley ann @

  4. so cute! Love your snooks look and your bro is *_* hunky haha