Monday, November 29, 2010

Venice,Hollywood,Gobble Gobble

Hey dolls...I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!..I know I did!..I was actualy on vacation for a full 12 days so I was able to do alot with the kiddo :)....I have been wanting to go to Venice Beach for a minute and my daughter has been begging to go to the Beach..So perfect opportunity! It was such a beautiful day..sunny but cold as ice!! ..I was able to find this super dope hat!! which I fell in love with!!! only $25..I also got some ridiculously huge rings and some incense (which I was told by the brother sellin em that if I light it I would be asking for trouble its an aphrodisiac...ummm ok...and followed by "your husband would enjoy it he is a lucky man" lmao...was I just hit on? smh
Those airplanes were hella dope, made completely out of soda cans!! Amazing right? My daughter fell in love with the rainbow mohawk beanie *ummmm* she get it from her mama lol.. Here is my Russian *its cold as F**** hat lol

So needless to say Venice Beach was the shit :) I loved it..Im so blessed to have the opportunity to be able to spend so much time with my daughter! That being said on Wednesday we went to Hollywood to see the world premiere of Tangled at El Capitan theater..The movie was so funny! and the cool thing about El Capitan is that you get to see a live stage show before the movie! SCORE! After the show was done we walked around the strip...found some amazing artist, dancers..and of course you know I had to go shopping! DUH..
I went to Forever 21 and bought this cute necklace that says "muse" with a bow on top..I guess its from their minnie mouse collecton *cute*.. I wore it for Thanksgiving....I wanted to do something bright for yeah its not "thanksgiving" colors but since when am i follower? I do what I want *heeeeeeeeeey* hence the big ass flower headband....I love dad on the other hand (mind you he dont bullshit either) says "WTF is on your looks like your about to be baptized!"...ummmm "Happy Thanksgiving to you too dad!" *smh* lol...I swear I love my Fambam!! their the shit!!! oooooooh P.S check out my nail game!!! I love em!!!!!!!!Again I got them done for thanksgiving..and again they are not "thanskgiving theme" but I fucks with it ;)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Its BARBIE bitch!

I been working mad crazy this past month, and I finally got a chance to go out with my friends this past weekend....I decided to go a little extreme with the color play on the eye shadow but I really loved the outcome...Here is my look and weekend in pictures ....Enjoy....
and has anyone noticed something different?!!! I GOT TATTED UP!!! *say what*
I swear I feel like a million times TOUGHER with them tats *lol* how lame does that sound...BUT ITS TRUE .. hence all the picture of me looking like a total DEUSCH bag poppin my collar *UGH* Im only doing it to show off the tats not cuz I think Im cool or something *just sayin*
P.S I been really thinking about getting a youtube up..alot of people have hit me up telling me I should do it and maybe it could help with the whole reality dating show I might just do that..AGH I dont know..what do my lovelies think?!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Love like this....

Seriously..I never been a fan of Swizzys Looks...but I have always loved me some Alicia...but recently I find myself IN LOVE with their LOVE...and all of a sudden Swizzy is starting look hella FIIIIIIINE...I dont care what no one says cuz for me, they on this LOVE tip like no OTHER!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Snooki *WAAAAAAAAA* (Halloween Look)

Hey dolls, I hope everyone had an AMAZING and SPOOKY Halloweenies *yump I said weenies lol* I for one had a BLAST!! I swear to you I have never had so much fun on Halloween then I did this year and I didnt do anything out of control. And as always I usually just do a costume based on makeup!! so this year I wanted to be SNOOKI!!! from Jersey Shore, sadly to say alot of people say I look like her *GRRRRRR* I DISAGREE, I mean I was rockin the big hair waaaaay before Jersey lol..Anyway she inspired me to do this look and I love it! I must admit that I was feeling the look, I mean looking 8 shades darker then what I really am wasnt as bad as I thought *can I get a fist pump?* Here is the look...
So I prepped and primed my face as usual and used a stipple brush to blend in my foundation. Now I wanted to get the perfect orangy/tan tone so I bought 2 foundations. I used Revlon Photo ready foundation in CARAMEL and CAPPUCCINO (UGH I cannot express how amazing this foundation is! a must!)and then I used MAC's Setting powder to set the foundation. I also used MAC's Bronze Goddess along with another unnamed matte bronzer for my cheeks. I highlighted my cheekbones with an irresdecent light pink mineralized skin finish...
For the eyes I used: MAC greasepaint in Black (as the base), MAC Carbon e/s, and MAC Vanilla e/s. I lined my eyes with MAC Smolder eyeliner (another must have!!!) For the Lippies I used MAC Nude l/s and topped it off with MAC Saint Germain l/s. and there folks is my Snookie Look..*WAAAAAAAH*

So onto my Halloween night..My daughter was begging to have a Halloween Party, but being that I always go balls out on her birthday parties *which always set me back at least a grand!* I wasnt about to go all out for a Halloween party, so I told her we could have a little one, she could invite her best friend *plus me and her mama are Bffs DUH*and have spooky snacks, little activities and trick or treating. And that is just what we did!. AND IT WAS MY GODSONS FIRST EVER HALLOWEENIES!!! My booboo dressed up as a cute little puppy *he refused to have a painted on nose!*Isnt he a cutie patootie! and that right there is my baby mama Reevee, seriously like the best mom ever I swear! I love these two! We invited out other friends too, Erick, Colleeen, Rehanna, her family, Reevee's Family..anyway it was a family affair and AMAZING!! I swear I love my family OH SO MUCH!!! Take a peek into my Halloween night...
LOL my brother and the homie acting a fool #you mad #you mad lol