Friday, October 29, 2010

Why Hello.....Kitty..

Hey dolls,
So with Halloween being just around the corner I decided to do a wearable look (outside of Halloween) but still cute enough to wear it at a Halloween party. So as you may or may not know I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Hello Kitty, that bitch is fierce in every way, and if I could be anyone I would want to be her *sigh*..she looks so dope and makes a statement without saying anything (well it could be cuz she has not mouth know what I mean!) Anyway I really loved how this came out and I got mad compliments on it when I took my daughter to her costume parites..YES!! 3 parties in one day!! and I had to work graveyard too!! So I was a tired kitty *meeeeow* I hope you enjoy this look and please stay up on this Blog cuz I have a HUGE giveaway coming up..Just you know your girl is gonna hook yall up!

Have A Happy and Safe Halloween

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Ok so crazy bananas story! You probably wont even believe me when I tell you this but here it goes.. So this past weekend I went out to a club, nothing out of the ordinary right? except for being approached by a producer about a new dating reality show!! say whaaaaaaat *high pitch voice*...Me and my girl are sitting on these stools, just chillin.. when this cute lil black girl comes up to me and starts off with " Do you mind if I talk to you for a minute" *wowza* (I think to myself "Am I being hit on right now? omg, I dont like girls like that? How can I play it offwithout being rude?") I answer with a "umm yeah?" so she starts off with "Ok, so I been checking you out since you walked through the door" (uh oh I think to myslef iM totally getting hit on right now!) "and I could not take my eyes off of you,I saw you walk in likeyou were the shit, looking all fierce I saw you walk to the bar get a drink, I saw you dance to rude boy and do your lil thing, girl I saw you!"(great so now I have been officially stalked!, how long does it take to get a restraning order off of someone you just met lol) anyway she continued"and let me just say that your absolutely beautiful, your swag, your hair, everything about you I just love!", I blush, that was so nice and sweet of her, to notice me like that! she continues with "Listen were doing a dating reality show and I want you on it, your whole vibe, your swag, your look, I need it in the show, basically its a dating show with thick girls on there who are sexy and confident, and your it. Every girl gets a nickname based on a dessert, so what do you want yours to be?"she ask...."ummmm, I dont know I like chocolate" I reply *lame I know lol* she looks at me up and down and says "NO, girl you are way to hot and exotic looking for that...I think It should be something sexy and hot like about CHERRY BOMBAY!!" *I almost died laughing!* so to make a long story short we exchanged numbers and Im on my way to reality show stardom!! I spoke to her a souple of days ago and she was excited about me..hell Im excited about my damn self too lol..and I think it was so cute when she asked me "so wait like the girl I met on Saturday, thats you right, like thats your werent just doing that for that night?" and im like "nope that was me, I have always been different, so dont expect a home maker cookie cutter wifey type, cuz that aint me" lol Actually I really dont know if I would want to put myself out there like that, but everyone always tells me that Im entertaining as who knows..I dont know..what do yall think?!.....
p.s Here is the look that I rocked the night I was "DISCOVERED" lol

Monday, October 4, 2010

According to my old bitch Im on some NEW Shit....

MY GAW!!! how I have missed you all!! I feel like a bad mom neglecting her kiddies..but as you may (or may not know *tsk tsk*) I had knee surgery and was out of commison for almost 2 months, and my daughter was off for summer vacation, so life has been hectic with healing, soccer games, gymanstics, playdates, being a mommy, oh yeah and getting over a certain *ahem* someone ;) (hence the title of this post) but dont you find it easier to move on when you got something better LOL..which brings me to this LOOK I did in which I did meet a cute boy (Replacing the old boy?? lol) when we went out cloubbin this past weekend (much better for my transition ya feel me)...I basically rocked a mohawk and dark makeup, because i was feeling dark and venemous (like MACS collection which I totally bought!!!)Actually I was feeling like a bad bitch to be honest, boyz be gettin on my nerves sometimes!! anyhow Here is the look:


So I basically used MAC's grease paint in Black (as a base) and then applied MAC's Carbon e/s on top of the lid to make the look more matte, then with a fluff brush I used the same e/s to blend the crease in and make it a bit seamless. I used MAC Shroom e/s as a highlight and on the lips is the new lip gelee from MACS venemous Villain collection called "Resort Life". See I do smile, I dont always have to make stank faces *shrugs shoulders* :) hehehehe
Oh Im fancy huh, Nails done hair done everything did! *singing*
So basically me and my girl went out on Friday and I did her makeup as well, I decided to give her lip a lil POW!!! since she would be rockin all black, she requested a "subtle" look *smh*. So i basically played around with neutrals (from my ELF pallette which I will late post) and a bright lip. here is the end result:
Before I forget here is the cute boy I met that night :) to be continued?? and hell yes I cropped myself know a girl never post a picture in which she looks like a hot ass mess *duh*