Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gold Chain Stunnaz

So as I been telling yall lately I been on a Sunglasses phase, and here is one of the pairs that I bought..I been wanting them since forever...ever since Chanel brought them out like a year ago but they were sold out everywhere. FINALLY I found em..and yeah I dont care if no one has em now because I love them and they love me. So when we decided to go out that night I was determined to wear them...because to me those are sunglasses that YOU MUST WEAR AT NIGHT cuz their that dope..if that even makes sense! *usually im the girl who thinks sunglasses at night is OBNOXIOUS!* but I didnt care...and I received so many compliments on em too...*phew* I didnt want to seem like a stuck up bitch or anything crazee!!!
here is a smokey purple eye look that I did last weekend...The color ended up being richer because I used a Black base. I then used MAC's Violet Pigment and contrasted it with MACS Carbon e/s and Velum E/S. Finsished it off with Urban Decays black 24-7 liner (a MUST have) and some false lashes..and here are some pictures of me being a camera whore..
So my Best Friend Angie had hung out with me ALL day and we literally thought about going out last minuter...She had nothing with her to go out so I basically styled her and did her makeup..I absolutely loved how she came out..she looks GOWJUSSS!! I used the Stila Barbie pallete and applied most of the shadows on WET to get more of POW from the look. I really loved how it came Nicki Minaj I think..Isnt my BF the BREAST lmao...


  1. hahah you are sooo funny! By the way those sunglasses are super cool. Only you can pull it off, I can't lol.

    love the smokey purple eyes too.

  2. Glasses, makeup, outfits...all on point. I think I need boobs to hang with you and your crew (I know, I'm talking boobs again)

  3. love the glasses!! im trying to find a cheap pair or try to make them myself! love yours though.. makes me wanna splurge!

  4. now why would y'all just throw those big boobies in my face knowing im the founder of the itty bitty titty committee! not

    cute hair and make-up