Sunday, July 25, 2010

Super Sauced

My weekend in pictures..consisted of :tequila, alcohol, red lips, kissy faces, stunna shades, being stranded, surving the freaks of West Hollywood, harassed by a homeless, being rescued by Sweet D and getting home at yeah how was your weekend?...AGH

Friday, July 23, 2010

oh you fancy huh?

Hair done, Nails done, everything did! *thats my song right about now drizzay* I cant get it out of my head *BLAHHHH* um yeah I was in L.A not too long ago and came across a makeup place..and I dont know about yall but when I was in High school I totally rocked "Jordana" lipstick, the brand. It was hella cheap $1 and came in all kinds of colors..and when your broke and trying to be fresh in high school this was a social life saver!!!so when I saw em there this last time..I was like WTF!! I love Jordana and the best part still a buck a lipstick!...So I bought a few of em, different colors that I would never pay more then a buck for because I dont know if it would go with my complexion and I aint about to be spending 18 bucks on a Lipstick that I might not be diggin. And BEHOLD!!! *ahhhhhhh angels sing.** I came across this color Burn Burgundy..its a matte burgundy with a bit of red undertones and it is AMAZING!!!! seriously even my mama who hates when i wear colored lips was digging the shit out of it *can I borrow some* lol...anyway I am beyond happy with this color!! I am literally on a hunt when I go back to LA to cop some more different colors of it!..... (and yeah thats my kiddo in the background lmao)...p.p.s I really tried super hard not to make stank faces for the pics..Im lookin extra cheesy in I think its back to the stank face ehhhh
I loved the lipstick so much I rocked it 2 days in a row..the cool thing about it too is it really goes with anything..from zebra to stripes and a bow...but then again I dont really follow trends..I march to the beat of my own drum ..I might be thinking it looks cool and really people are thinking I be looking like a hot mess *agh*
last thing that really has nothing to with makeup.. I went to the fair with my kiddo, my godmother, cuzzy and mama...we had so much fun..I never really paid attention to all the food at the fair since we usually stick to corn on the cob and burgers when we do go.but OMG..I came across the HEART ATTACK CAFE *literally thats the name of the restaurant* and they had deep fried EVERYTHING...not to mention CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON AND DEEP FRIED BUTTER!!! How is that even possible..but it doesnt stop there they had combos with such apetizing names as : The Big One, The Heart Stopper, Triple Bypass, and Flatliner!!!oh boy that looked so gross!Fried in oil, fortified with bacon drippings and drenched in garlic butter!! yum....with ingredients like that how can you pass that up!...we decided to PASS and go for the turkey leg.. But seriously maybe cuz im a perv but we were sitting next to this HUGE sign that read GIANT western SAUSAGE!! LMAO..I couldnt stop making inappropriate jokes and bless my godmother who is like a saint! put up with me the whole time were trying to eat the turkey leg..I even managed to fool her and take a picture of her with the big ass SAUSAGE behind her (she thought it was funny..I told her I would post it on my facebook with the caption of "my auntie loves BIG SAUSAGES")..who doesnt? right ladies?>! lol So after that peep show we walked around, my daughter went on all kinds of rides and me and my cousin manage to flirt our way into getting on some rides for free *we some classy bitches duh*
Here is my cousin and my daugher on the rollercoaster that she pimped her way on ....
We had so much fun, excuse the no was hot that cant expect a girl to be on point everyday of her life!! lmao but I really liked how this picture turned out with the lights in theback ground..for some reason Kanye's song "flashing lights" keeps going off in my head ..

Monday, July 19, 2010

Despicable ME

I have been in a BLAH color in the wardrobe or make up department for a hot minute...actually since its been hotter then a whore in church over here in Cali, I havent been wearing makeup at all! UGH..seriosuly this weather is annoying the hell out of me...GLOBAL WARMING *I tell ya*..Anywho I took my daughter to go see Despicable Me in 3D (of course..I mean everything is in 3D!! Step up 3 in 3d!! SUPER GAY!) I decided that I should just use some of my makeup because I was going in withdrawl not wearing anything for so long....I did this bright look..I thouht I would share it with ya... plus it got me 2 jobs that night alone *woot woot*.;.the first was the ticket seller who loved the makeup...she kept asking me questions about where I went to school, how much I charge...umm I NEVER went to school..should I say that? lol ..I lied and said yes I did hahaha..whatever gets me the job ehhhh...the other one was at the concessions stand!..Needless to say I have 2 jobs lined up for next month *extra mula baybeee*...Aint nuttin wrong with a lil hustle *hehehe*..I loved the daughter wants to go watch it again...and I wouldnt mind it!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gold Chain Stunnaz

So as I been telling yall lately I been on a Sunglasses phase, and here is one of the pairs that I bought..I been wanting them since forever...ever since Chanel brought them out like a year ago but they were sold out everywhere. FINALLY I found em..and yeah I dont care if no one has em now because I love them and they love me. So when we decided to go out that night I was determined to wear them...because to me those are sunglasses that YOU MUST WEAR AT NIGHT cuz their that dope..if that even makes sense! *usually im the girl who thinks sunglasses at night is OBNOXIOUS!* but I didnt care...and I received so many compliments on em too...*phew* I didnt want to seem like a stuck up bitch or anything crazee!!!
here is a smokey purple eye look that I did last weekend...The color ended up being richer because I used a Black base. I then used MAC's Violet Pigment and contrasted it with MACS Carbon e/s and Velum E/S. Finsished it off with Urban Decays black 24-7 liner (a MUST have) and some false lashes..and here are some pictures of me being a camera whore..
So my Best Friend Angie had hung out with me ALL day and we literally thought about going out last minuter...She had nothing with her to go out so I basically styled her and did her makeup..I absolutely loved how she came out..she looks GOWJUSSS!! I used the Stila Barbie pallete and applied most of the shadows on WET to get more of POW from the look. I really loved how it came Nicki Minaj I think..Isnt my BF the BREAST lmao...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shadez and Hair

For some reason I been on this sunglass phaze lately..I mean in one day I bout 12 um I say I have problem....anyway I was out all day and went to get my toes did and I got a lot of compliments on the hair .(I didnt take off my sunglasses at all even when getting my toes done...not cuz im a diva....but basically because I loved my sunglasses so much!) Serisouly this is the easiest look ever and its the one look that I get asked about alot.....You basically tie your hair in a "high" bun and then start twisting in the fake hair just like you would a a hair tie....super easy..less than 5 minutes..