Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On to the Next one

Hey dolls...before I start this blog/fotd thing...MAKE SURE YOU ENTER MY GIVEAWAY!! BELOW...Im going to be giving away some surprises so make sure to enter for a chance to win..Ok so back to the bizznezz at hand.. I did the whole "easy on the shadow" eye makeup..light colors..neutral..light lip....keep it easy and toned down on this date.
So I been single for a minute and its basically due to the fact that I have a sign on my forehead that reads "If your a liar, a cheater, broke ass, over 6 baby momma having brother, get at me!" LMAO.. Someone please tell me how to wipe that shit out my face, cuz A girl is getting tired...I now see why girls go Lesbo! HA! But on a serious tip I dont feel the need to SETTLE for less then I deserve, plus I find myself not giving a fuck about guys in general..I have a full time job in which I work 12 hr days! followed by PTA meetings...Kinder Room mom duties...Soccer mom....playdates with my daughter and her besties..Doing makeup on the side..and being FRESH everyday...well its not an easy task you see *wink* So here is the back story..I met this guy lets cal him J for the sake of keeping his ass anonymous) Well J is a really cool guy..funny..cute..his own place..NO baby mama drama.. sounded like a good idea at the time..I "hung" out with him once b4..and by hanging out I mean. I stopped by his crib with some brownies after he had suffered a seizure (dont ask me why he had a seizure) with a note that read "What is an epileptics favorite salad?"....A SEIZURE SALAD!! lmao...Man i crack myself up sometimes...

Anyway it was literally a pit stop, cuz me and my girls were on the way to the club (in which I met another guy that night ..I will tell you about him later..but we will call him Sweet D *this is an insider*lmao) I was basically going to pass his place on my way to the club so I figured I would do something nice for him since I was feelin him ya know! and he had mentioned he loved brownies...So me and J stayed talkin....he seemed legit and cool..well fast forward to our "date night"..he offered to make me dinner at his place and how he really wanted to see me..blah blah blah...the day of the date I get a text talkin bout "I MAY or may not be able to cook dinner tonight" (ok the night b4 was his bday and he worked the following day, so I totally understood, he was pooped..ok cool I thought..we could chill) We had said around 6ish he sends me a text sayin "I hope you dont mind basketball shorts and a tee" (ummmm so automatically this is a TURN OFF...I mean seriously!! he wasnt even going to try to impress me! this to me is a basic I dont give a shit to even take a shower on a date let alone dress up) By the time I got that text I was already ready..and yeah I was not about to let my hair and makeup go to I decided to go anyway...I showed up and this guy greets me in SWEAT shorts..(WTF! bball shorts and sweat shorts are 2 completely different things!! mind you its hot in CALI!!thats gross...think sticky sweaty balls! yuck) He gives me a tour of his pad..we sit on the couch and watch the Laker game..when all of a sudden he is like "Ok lets go to my room and makeout!"....UGH right? the rest of the date is forgetable and least to forward to me texting ALL my friends to see what they were doing so I can meet up with them I said hair and make up people!! was not about to go to waste...............Here is where Sweet D comes into place....................
I met him at the club that one night I dropped off the brownies for J...anyway he called me the next day and I kid you not when I say we talk everyday, we literally talk everyday for hours!! *9pm-4 am kid you not!! (that was our record thus far)* its ridic how much we never run out of shit to say! He is funny, cute, he is like the male version of me so he is basically BAD ASS *woot woot* we been talking for like 2 months now..anyway I ended up hanging out with him that same night..and it was soooo much fun! Honestly I havent ha a genuine connection with a guy like this in a hot minute ( and when i say a hot minute Im talkin baby daddy status and my daughter just just turned 6..sooo ..yeah..)..The only thing is Im kinda scared to take it to the next level...because I genuinely care for him and its like he is my best friend..but we get to makeout and act like were together without having the "boyfriend girlfriend label" the same time its like Im not trying to lease a more of a OWNER...YEAH I AINT ABOUT TO BE MAKING MONTHLY PAYMENTS ON A CAR IF I AINT ABLE TO KEEP IT!!!.lol...He is not talking to anyone else...I on the other hand am talking to a few other guys but I would drop them in a second if he wanted me to...but just like a boy he hasnt gotten to that point..and just like a Bad bitch that I am..I aint about to wait around till he makes a I keep my options open...we talked about it a couple of times earlier on and he was like "I want to be with you, your everything I want in a girl but at the same time I dont want to rush it..I dont want to end up losing you " blah blah blah..grow some balls and take a chance right?! Eventually I am going to get to that point in this "relationship/friendship" where I ma need an answer damnit! but until then were cool how we are..more then cool even...ICE COLD...All I know is this guy is something special and either way he will be in my life regardless..he is that DOPE to me!!!


  1. aww im happy you ditched the lOser and even happier you found a cool dude!! hmm I think yall definitely are cute together and if he is really that dOpe its going to work!!!

  2. WELL, J as you call him, should be hit by a bus! lol jk i kid but really dont talk to his ass anymore, that was just a bum move, me and my babe have been together for 5 yrs and now he busts the b ball shorts but at first he always looked fresh even if we were just gonna kick it at his casa.
    Now this dude, well the way you talk about him, seems like a legit dude, look hes right why rush into things, he doesnt want to fuck up on you so he laying his feelings out there telling you whats up, dont pressure him, like i say, if its meant to be it will happen...time is patience, if hes worth it, just wait.
    But do keep your options open cuz ur right what if that shit never crack, u end up alone and horny! lol i kid once again! (im an ass i know)

  3. I loving the sparkle eyeshadow you got going on. What color is that.

    Glad your find someone to make you happy!!!

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  4. @Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. I am hoping that me and SweetD end up together but you know with guys..its always cool in the begining until you get that call from a baby mama talking bout GIRL THATS MY MAN!! lmao..

  5. @xeyeluvmakeupx your comment was freaking hilarious!! you sound like me!!..yeah I agree with you on everything! J is a done deal..that nigga is dead and gone :)..death by lameness (not a bus lol)..and to get to the "comfy" stage in a reltionship you now with the bball shorts takes time to get to! you cant just start acting like a bum on a 2nd date!! r u kidding me!! UGH...the one thing I will say is im single..and until im OFFICIALLLY NOT single hen everyone is fair game lol..but pray that I DONT END UP ALONE AND HORNY GUUUURL!! hehehehe

  6. love the eye makeup, don't love the sweaty nads. yuck. you and your dude look really sweet together...I can only imagine what it'd be like dating with a little person in your life. go on and get some gurl!

  7. awwww sweet pictures! Happiness is key! <3
    Lovin the eye makeup as always!!

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  8. Summer is quickly arriving...real talk you should continue to build your team, cause when one won't do the other one will. Sweet D can be your power forward however, you should def bench J. Keep the other nachos (not yo man) because they will come in handy when you get bored.

  9. @coco im am seriosuly laughin at your comment that is so funny..Im trying to build a MVP team..trying to go to play offs so I want the best of the best in it..and for sure J was traded!..actually dropped from the team..focused on some bigger and better players at this time..have to have my game up before summer ends ..