Sunday, June 13, 2010

On some Bad Bitch Type Vibe

Hey dolls..let me first say thank you to all who have entered my giveaway...if you havent entered make sure you do! all you have to do is follow me on twitter , follow my blog, and leave a comment under THE GIVEAWAY POST.(which is this. one right chea )

Ok so on to my girl had her Bday the other night and it was hella fun, I decided to do a dark smokey eye with a hint of pink shimmer..umm let me say I LOVED the look..super dope...

I basically applied MAC "oil slick" shade stick all over the lid, followed by MAC Carbon e/s over it to mattify it and give it a deeper hue.

I then used MAC Pink Opal pigment (a beautiful irridescent pink) above the crease to give it some pizazz naw what I mean! .. I then lined my water line using Urban Decays 24-7 liner(seriously the best thing since sliced bread!) I also used a small brush and tapped it on the pencil to use it on my lower lashline, followed by MACs Pink Opal Pigment. I topped off the look with some flashy lashes....for some reason I was feelin like a boss betch that night..must have been the braids HA!
Standard Boss Bitch Face ehhhhhh
I dont do the nice gurl thing too well.
too live crew

Yall know you always have that ONE friend...that goes the "extra mile"lol
p.s Ladies...get ya nails did....


  1. Love that look. those lashes are the business!

  2. I loveeee your blog! I read all your post! You look so prettty :D Haa. I got my eyebrows done.. They sorta look likes yours (which I was aiming for) Loll.


  4. Wow, I love your eye look. It looks so pretty. That is something I have not learned to do yet. :(. My goal is to have it down when the summer ends. It is a step to my new me.

  5. @jess (shades of color) thanks for stopping by the blog hun..those lashes are so bomb..i got them in LA it was a dozn for 8 bucks!! now I regret not getting more..waaaahhhh

  6. @ming thank you hunnay. im glad you enjoy my daily random rants about shit that too som doesnt matter lol...and how excited are you to have new brows! OMG for me it made a world of a difference..seriosuly..look at before pics and now..I never really thought brows could make or break a look but it totally does..congrats on your brows them and take care of them hehehehe

  7. @tip top hey hun..thansk for the comment on the are the cutest thing I swear!! me Im not good at makeup either..but I would keep playing with it and found some looks that work for me...the best thing about makeup is that if u mess up it is NOT a big deal..wash it off and start again...trial and error babe lol...and thats a good goal to have till after summer cuz in the summertime during the day you will rarely find my ass sporting some eyeshadows! in this hot as balls heat...thats a negative :)

  8. hey girl....are those nails bedazzled? lol ;) nice. Thx for the comment and I love your acceptance speech! hahahahaha I was readin it last night and was dyin of laughter. Love the e/s combo above!

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  9. I love the nails. You have really nice make up. LOVE IT GIRL.

  10. Hey there I entered your giveaway how exinting. U look stunning, everything from the make up, the hairdo, the nail are super fly =) have a awesome day!