Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I wann SUCK HIS.....

BLOOD YOUR PERVS!!!! lol...How sick are these photos! (OK I KNOW THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MAKEUP BUT WHEN I SAW THESE PICTURE IT MADE MY DAY..HOPEFULLY IT DOES THE SAME FOR YALL..ENJOY)....OMG serisouly I would die..right there on the spot...If you dont know who this Hot piece of ASS is..His name is Mehkad Brooks and he is on the show TRUE BLOOD on HBO..true I have never seen the show but I know its about vampires and its supposed to be amazing!..I however have basic cable...womp womp womp...I might be upgrading real soon though! YUM!!!
p.s thank you XlovelymakeupX..I didnt even care what character he played lol I swear im so unfocused as soon as I saw those abs lol.....but yes its EGGS ...thanks for the info babe!


  1. @xlovelymakeupx* thanks honey..I totally updated my post..your awesome!

  2. omg these photos are border line soft porn lol. i like the one where he's hugging the girl's butt lol. I always laugh whenever i see a photo of a buff guy, i dunno why. I know im weird ^_^

  3. Haha, loves it. Why can I imagine you drooling all over your keyboard as you typed this up?

  4. oh yeah honey i saw these the other day and was like "lawd how mercy" the things i would do to his sexy ass!

  5. hahaha ur hilarious girl, too bad they killed him off he was a nice piece of as too look at...yummy ;)