Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wat happens in Vegas doesnt always stay in Vegas

So I know I been MIA for a minute, but really life has been bananas for me, with going to school at night, my daughter, plannig a huge Birthday bash for her, boy drama *ehhhhh*and to top it off, we have one of my co workers that recently had her baby *Mauro* which means she will not be working for the next 4 months! so ummm yeah work overload
But im not complaining I thank God that I still have a job, a roof over my head, especially in these hard times *blah blah*. Fast forward to today...I just got back from a vacation with my girls. We were going to celebrate my friend Rosie's birthday, and I have never ever ever gone to Vegas to party. I have always gone with the fam, I mean I was just there last month with my kiddo....but this time was a more adult trip..so I packed like 10 outfits, 6 pairs of shoes, and a shit load of makeup NO JOKE! I had lashes for days hunnay...I even drove my ass to LA the day before to get some new hair pieces lol..As I was packing all my swagg in my Hello Kitty suitcase my Sister in law starts talking to me about the trip "are you excited..what are you taking" I answered her and she said "GURL YOU BETTER TAKE SOME CRAZY HAIR WITH you" she was referring to some hot fire engine red hair! im like that was for Halloween to which she replied "ITS VEGAS, IF YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH IT ANYWHERE ITS VEGAS!!" I totally had a AHA! moment...duh...things dont look that ridiculous in Vegas lmao.. Although I didnt take the Red wig, I did take some that I been wanting to use but didnt have the HUEVOS to use it...I ended up loving it and getting mad compliments on it! So here it is dolls, for your viewing pleasure my vegas trip in Pictures...

Thursday: Arrived at 2pm..checked in to Aria...met up with my other friends...went to an outlet..hella cold..hard nipples never a good look...bought some fire engine red cowboy boots for my daughter and some black chucks for my god son...Club Haze that night in Aria...Did Black on black makeup for the 1st time and loved it....rocked he FAUX hawk and love it...

FRIDAY: got up around noon..walked the strip...ate at the Hard Rock Cafe....Played at Monte Carlo....Won $90 in BlackJAck (first time playing)...played later on and lost $40 of that $90 lmao took a power nap before hitting up the club...the rest of our crew drove up to Vegas that day...went to TAO (umm yeah for all that this club was talked about I really wasnt impressed at all) First of all its impossible to get in but luckily one of the girls had a connection..(who knows she could have been boning the owner) all I know is we got in for free and had all the free drinks we could handle..thats all I cared about...Did a light smoky eye , "snooky" hair..which I hate when they say that that since i been rocking thee hair llike that long before Jersey shore AND it looks nothing like the annoying POOF!!! grrrrrr.... (what do you guys think)
SATURDAY: woke up at like 2pm! got ready..did a light makeup on the eyelid, but heavy bottom eyeliner, i liked it ...I think Kesha says it best :brushed my teeth with a bottle of jack...lmao..no but seriously you got be on your drinking game in Vegas..we went HARD...went to Circus Circus..got cartooned...won stuffed animals for my babygirl...ordered lovely bones (and not a porno pervs! lol)..this was fight night!! mayweather vs Mosley so it was a grip of people out..bumped into a few celeberities actually...a basketball player (I had no idea who he was but he had all kinds of groupies surrounding him, that one slut for tough love 1st season..I dont remember her name and finally slim thug..(youtube Beyonce Check up on it he has a part on there)..went to HAZE once again because my other friends had gotten a hook up at RAIN, but Iwasnt risking not having a good time, plus The club was inside our hotel so we could get as drunk as we wanted and not have to drive or pay a taxi *woot woot* ..I loved the black on black so much that I decided to do it again for that night

SUNDAY: Our last day in Vegas...went to the mall and copped me 4 pairs of shoes!!!OMG i kid you not i got the sickest shoes...one of them is the "only sitting shoes" also known as the "come F*** me heels" lmao...now that I think about it I should have taken a picture *grrrrr*..went to MAC and I really wish I would have taken my camera because seriously I met the most AMAZINGLY GAY BOYS!!! they were super nice and friendly...they were in love with me *for some reason gay boys just love me..now if only it could work with straight boys* lol) anywho they were super nice and offered to do my makeup..so HELLLUR being a makeup addict I jumped at the chance! Ha..omg and here is a funny story..so I was kinda getting sick twrds the end of our trip and was coughing/sneezing.well as I was looking at the liners, I literally let out a moan and a sneeze at the same time as I was testing this AMAZINGLY HOT ELECTRIC BLUE! and me forgetting how loud I am said "OMG i THINK I JUST ORGASMED!!" no one said anything..so I figured no one heard...ummm yeah not even 10 seconds later one of the girls that worked there was like "DId you notice how everyone got quiet when you said that?!" lmao..the other gay boy said 'OMG YOUR MY BEST FRIEND LOVE YOUR HAIR ..LOVE YOUR MAKEUP..I JUST LOVE YOU HONEY!" omg I was really embrassed because i didnt think I was loud but this color is ORGASMIC! what can I say!....I spent $150 bucks at MAC but you know what I dont feel bad because I would have gambled it away and at least this way I actually got something for my money...at least that is what I tell myself to justify buying more makeup...ended the night walking down Las VEgas BLVD..drinking...collecting the "call girl" cards and then passing them out to straners myself....it was a lovely way to end the vacay... MONDAY: woke up at 630 am...got ready..breakfast at Monte Carlo...and we out Vegas....


  1. Omg, you looked like you had so much fun. I am taking a trip to the New Orleans and I need to start getting my looks together so I can look as fab as you.

  2. @tip top...that is my next trip! I always wanted to go to New orleans it just seems like a place full of culture..so enriched ya know.. ihope you have a blast babe! I dont know if it helps you when you pack but I literally packed a DAY outfit and a NIGHT outfit for each day I was there :)..and girl you look fab awready Im sure you will put some fly ish together!

  3. wow ur trip looked fierce just like you :) wish i was more organised with my packin and clothes schedule! i can see by your pics it really pays off !

  4. Looks like you guys had a blast. The funny thing is Gay boys love me too!!!

  5. @Alissy thanks for showing love on the blog babe! I have always been a neat freak no joke! all my jewelry is in individual baggies, in a certain container, color coordinated ect ect..so packin for me was fun :)

  6. @I BLEED PINK thanks for showing love on the blog and p.s Im a FAG HAG!! the gays boys just cant get enuff of me lol...im thinking now if only this could work for HOT STRAIGHT SINGLE guys hahaha

  7. Hey Mama, your nails lookin flyy in Vegas!! Thanks for the comment! Good to hear from you. Oh, by the way, that Revlon Photo Finish Foundation that you blogged about a few months ago, well, I bought it and liked it! You're right! It was pretty good for a drugstore brand.
    Damn, my word verification must be wilin' out! haha!

  8. i fucking LOVE your makeup!!! <333

    looks like you had a tonne of fun!

  9. U are having fun girl,U looked like a rockstar... Oh I love what u said about the whole thing about Ciara and Bowwow lol lol... Now u were wondering about my parrot make up look, I did not use mashe paper, only make up my 120 palette and so on.. I posted a short list of the products that I use on my blog...
    Have a nice day girl =)

  10. hey hun =)
    i'm having a makeup sale on my blog, so feel free to check it out!