Sunday, May 23, 2010

2 Bitchez Deep

I ordered these earrings from Patricia Field..they are by 2 BitchezDeep..I absolutely love them! I actually paid damn near 60 bucks for em *ughhhh* and even though I like to occasionally splurge on some shit I decided that I will be making some my damn self :) so Michaels here I come hehehe. So these are pictures from a night out for my Besties birthday..I ended up doing her makeup too but she didnt want me to post before and after pictures*such a diva*
Before I forget How excited are you about Sex and the City2!!!!! I cant going to do something all out. so be prepared for a post coming soon. me and a bunch of freinds incuding my token GAY besty..are all getting dressed talking..F**** me heels...short status...Cosmos...drinks..and watching the movie...I am a total Carrie...who are you?


  1. You are too cute!!! I am stoked for Sex and the City, but since I am anti-social I will be going with the BF...LOL!!

    PS - If you start making jewerly let me know...I would love to get some from you!!

  2. You have beautiful eyes!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you now =)