Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Luda and Cici at it again!!!

Random post....

I have been a fab of Ciara for the longest and I wasd so happy to see that she just did a collabo with no other then LUDA...if you recall they had that one HUGE HIT back in the day "Oh"...well I just finished watching her newest video called "Ride"...ummm yeah the lyrics are a bit too much for me but her DANCING!! OMG...that girl can move..I just had to share it with yall because I was left with my mouth wide open and I have never seen dancing like that! Let me know what you think...( I personally think that "wet tshirt" riding a bull was too much!!") Thoughts?


  1. I felt a little dirty watching that video....LOL!!! I have to agree that the bull riding scene could have been cut.

  2. Ciara can dance her butt. I had to show my next door neighbor. I live in a door so I am not to crazy. Thanks for sharing the video.

  3. wow she is giving it all here But I love her to death she is just too cool for school... Not to be mean but this is almost like she just broke up with her man so she is is showing him... what he is missing right?

  4. lmao!! can i get an amen....BOW WOW yo watching this?! lmao...I mean seriously when I watched this I was thinking...if this girl can dance like this..can you imagine in bed!! omg..out of control ! lol

  5. Hey, I just joined your blog. I absolutely love it! Your gorgeous hun, I'm obsessed with your eye makeup! You look killah exotic.

    As for the clip and song though? I liked her music back in the days - it was a mix of missy elliot and a destinys child vibe.. But to be honest, I'm really over all the whore-ish songs at the moment.

    Your right about the bull, she looks like shes trying too hard. Plus her bathing suit she wore with the fur was really unflattering to her body.

    I'm gonna have to be the odd one out of these comments and say I hated it. It was one of those things that I found it so cheap & tacky that I couldn't look away lol.

    It made her look like she is so insecure that she thought she has to look like a cheap hooker to appeal to guys.

    The lyrics were suggestive enough without her having to have illicit dry-sex with an imaginary friend on camera.

    There's a lot of ways for women to be sexy and that's not one of them.