Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Revlon PhotoReady (MUF HD foundation Dupe!!!!! NO JOKE!!)

Ok so um..As soon as I saw that Revlon PhotoReady foundaton commercial with Halle Berry (Halle Berry...Halle Berry..she walkin like a model..hands on her knees..scrub the ground...she aint nuttin but a tease..Halle Berry*singing* lol i you dont get it then you aint ever been to a hip hop club!) and it intrigued me beyond no other!!! I NEVER buy drug store Foundation or powder...I dont know Im just happy with my MAC studio Fix and my other Fave (but hella expensive) Make up Forever's HD foundation! And no your girl aint Boujee!! I rocked the Cover Girl Powder back in my High School days but that was when I worked at Target lol!!! I moved on up like the Jeffersons booooy!..Ok Ok Im kidding...I just stopped using cover girl because I had a mean ass allergic reaction and never looked back....
So back to my "review" I was suuuuuper excited about this particular product because its supposed to be all "photo shoots, flawless makeup" type ish. I went to Target and purchased the Revlon Photoready Foundation in 004 Nude along with the Revon Photoready Powder in Medium. It cost me $25 bones!(I purchased the powder because I like a little tint in my "finishing powder".But I also use MAC's Translucent Powder, it just depends on what Im doing or the coverage I need...you dont need both, but you know me I have a problem and had to get em both!) First off, I love the fact that the foundation comes in a PUMP!!! *can I get a woot woot*..My ladies know what I'm talkin about *ahem Revlon Colorstay!!* so it is much easier to use and alot more sanitary!!


Foundation comes in a pump!!!!

Has SPF20 in it *skin cancer is yucky duhh*


Foundation does not smell weird

Lightweight yet provides substantial coverage(* I didnt know it had SPF in it when I bought it because honestly if I would have known I would NOT have bought it, SPF foundations tend to BREAK ME OUT like nobodys bussiness and make look EXCESSIVELY oily YUCK. but Im glad I didnt take the time to read the label because I would have missed out*)

Seriously I didnt even feel like I was wearing makeup! and after a 12 hour work day it still looked FRESH!!!I only had to touch up once and when I say touch up I mean I used a Clean and Clear Oil Blotter, NEVER added anymore powder!! HELLO!!)

Super EASY to blend!!! because the foundation isn't thick and gross, its really light, you only need less then 1 pump for your whole face! It spreads like butta!! lol


Their isnt a wide variety of shades for different skin colors

Not found in Alot of stores (yet I guess)

I feel the same way about the powder, it is really soft and light and I apply it with a powder brush for "LIGHT" coverage, you def don't want to go heavy on both. Anyway dolls I hope this helps you....OH yeah and dont be afraid to try it, because most stores will take any return as long as it has a receipt (YES EVEN if i is open and used) I actually had to go back and return the Foundation because I felt it was a little lighter then I wanted. I went back and traded it for the 005 Shell :)


  1. hey girl, you're so funny! Awesome review and, revlon did good job adding the pump. I still have to finish my other liquid foundation before I have to purchase this one :)

  2. Oh Im so happy you blogged this! Usually I buy LORAC Natural Performance Foundation from Sephora, but its a little pricey and I'm running out, and hella broke this week, so I need something to hold me down. Im definitly going to try this out. I just hope it dosnt break me out because I have sensitive skin. I dont even use name brand face wash, I use plain ol' Cetaphil because its the only thing that dosnt break me out. I tried Cliniques 3-step, Proactive, and Philosphy, and they all cause me to break out a little. Luckily, I dont really have bad skin, but I dont like seeing little red creatures poppin up on my face. haha!
    I do need some good coverage though because I have little red specs here and there on my face, which I think are called acne scars.
    thanks for the post!

  3. so excited i have been wanting to try this..i just purchased a neutrogena foundation 4 dollas..but its ok not the best...i love most all rev..products..great blog gracie..=0)

  4. thanks for sharing this love I need a new foundation and I may just try this one now :D

  5. I've stayed away from drug store foundations for those very reasons. if they have this in my shade i'll have to try it. it would be nice to find something that's a bit easier on my wallet then the stuff i currently buy.

  6. @everydaymakeup with becky I am soo happy that I tried it plus right now rite aide is having a sale..buy one photoready get the other free!!! (best time to try) lol

  7. @astrowifey Im glad you like my revlon post!! girl it is so worth the money..and right now in cali they have them on sale at rite aide buy one get one free! im gonna go get some more for my clients :) waaaay cheaper them Makeup forever!..you had me cracking up at the :"I have red spots here and there..oh their called acne scars!) lmao..I know exactly what you mean. but it could be worse I had seen MTV's true life I have acne!!! OMG OMG!! yeah it made me feel sooooo much better of my random red spots :) you should look it up..it will give you a ego boost lol

  8. @shopaholisanonymous YOU NEED TO TRY IT SALLY!!! it is amazing :)

  9. @lala Im glad my post on Revlon Photoready foundation helped you...I really try to keep my blog real and I think this is such a wonderful foundation that is sooo smooth..just today my sister in law told me if I airbrushed my makeup..im like um NO!! I wish!! lol

  10. @ tZilla thanks for showing love on my Revlon Photoready post! Trust me you wont regret this..I love how smooth it is and its basically he same as my Makeup Forever Foundation($45) and you get the basic for only $12. I dont know where you live but right now (California)Rite aid is having a sale buy one get one free..but alot of drugstore always have deals like that too :0 good luck and let me know if you do get it how it is working for ya :)

  11. yah! thanks for the heads up :o) I was thinking bout trying it but didn't know if i should (I am also stuck om my Studio Fix and MUFE)...I just hope they have a shade for me...

  12. Isn't SPF in a foundation that is meant to look good in photographs abit of a bad addition? SPF in photos reflects light so you get that ghost face look :-S I was going to buy it as I like a more dewy kind of finish but when I tried the testers for my shade it seemed like a mad glitter ball explosion which really put me off.