Monday, March 1, 2010

Color my Forecast (MAC HAUL) yes another one! I have a problem!!!

Hey ladies! So I been MIA for a minute but I am so happy to see that I have gotten some new followers *yay me*!! I really do enjoiy writing in this ol blog of mine and thank you to all my followers for the lovely comments, messages, questions, I love it! ok um so anyway now that I got that over with lets get to the bizz shall we? I bought a couple of things from MAC (Ok I know A TON!! at least thats what my wallet told me!) I really been wanting to get some MAC stuff from several of their collections and guess what I decided NOT to get anything (at that time) because I have soooo much make up its sad, but instead I waited to just go all out of control at once! and got several things...go big or go home!!!
I got 2 studio fix in Nc35 ( I hate not having a back up just in case you lose your compact or it breaks, or your down to the last bit and realize OH SHIT!! I dont have any studio fix!) A true addict must carry a well rounded supply!
I also bought 3 blushes! My favorite Fleur Power(because I used it all) and have been dying to have the MAC cremeblend blush in Joie-de-Vivre and Florida!! OMG I love them!!! they are so awesome, creamy and can double for a lipstick!!!I also bought 5 lipsticks *yummy*Color me Coral, Victorian, Viva La Glam Gaga (2 of them duh because i love her and pastel pinks are a favorite of mine), Fresh Salmon on to the swatches, hope it helps when making you lipstick choices ehhhhhh
Color me Coral (I love love love this lipstick!!! so much so that I went back to MAC and bought 4 more!!! I mean this is limited edition and you already know how I do..I mean do I even have to explain myself!!!lol)
Victorian, a matte, soft HOT pink(I have a crappy camera so you cant really see the HOT in it but trust me there is a hint of HOT pink in there)Viva Glam in GAGA, I abolutely love this color! it is a soft pink lustre. Makes the pout POP!
Fresh Salmon...womp womp woooooooooooooomp...personally I didnt like it as much on my lips as I liked it on my hand...NUFF SAID!
oooh now the Coulor Forecast Collection....Colour Forecast Stacked1! Colour Forecast stacked2! (I really didnt pay attention to what kind of pigments these were but they are not your standard pigments loose and fine..they are CRUSHED METAL...hence the name CRUSH METAL PIGMENTS! Im a dumbass) anywho these are harder to use for me because they dont stick as well and I literally found it impossible to use a brush to put these babies on (they just would not stick)! Dont get me wrong the colors are AMAZING!!!but hard to use....any tips on these?) I also got some stackable containers :) they are cheap, and easy to use! Also a NC30 Studio Sculpt concelaer..I have never used their concealer before and let me tell you I LOVE IT! smooth creamy...does not crease!


  1. Nice haul. You picked up some nice stuff.

    Enjoy your goodies! :)

  2. thanks Rai!I already startd using my goodies ;)

  3. Wowzers!! I'm sooo jealous right now.. great haul babe xx