Sunday, March 7, 2010

About Face

You can never learn too much, when it comes to makeup. Different techniques, different brushes, ect! So I am constantly buying makeup but your girl does like to read too believe it or not! I think that my favorite...WAIT I DONT THINK I KNOW!!!My ultimes favorite MUA is KEVYN AUCOIN (ladies google this man!!!!!!) I have 4 of his books (including his autobiography) and just the work he would do!!! you would NOT believe, when I saw he would transform people, HE WOULD!!! Here is just a little taste of this mans ART (yes because at the of the day makeup is art!)

on the Left (Wynona Ryder as Elizabeth Taylor!!Amazing right!) Right(Gina Gershon)Right(Calista Flockart as Audrey Hepburn)
Left(Gwenyth Paltrow as James Dean!!) Isnt it just madness how makeup can change a person completely! Ok so this one transformation that I am about to post you will NEVER guess who it is!!!! Seriously when I was reading the book I could not guess who it was! and the answer FLABERGASTED me! Here it is:
Can you ladies take a guess! 1 million trillion cool points if you know who this is WITHOUT googling it or researching it! (I will let you know the answer in a post later on) So the reason why I even brought this up is because I recently bought a make up book by Scott Barnes who is mostly known for being Jennifer Lopez's makeup artist(boricua!!) and he was the man that created those gold bronze looks in her JLo days! (my personal favorite, circa 2000. Before marrying skeletor Marc Anthony YUCK!...and AFTER her Diddy days!...Im talkin about the Ben Affleck days) Here are a few of my FAVE looksYes the man responsible for all this gorgeousness has written a book! with helpful tips, tricks, and mini interviews from celebrities he has worked with! Here is the book
it has some plastic cover on it, so it doesnt look good when takin pictures but here is what it looks like without it! I really liked the book, the techniques and the color use in it, I tried taking some good pictures but I dont have those high quality tourist type ones! I have a regular canon power shot :) The book only cost $25 bones and it was worth every penny! Here are a few pages..

If you are ever having a brain fart or need some inspiration....get you a makeup book :)


  1. duuuuude i wont even try who that girl is lol. I honestly dont have a clue. BUt have this pic before though. I think it maybe Martha Stuart.

    I only have one of Kevin's book. I still need to get the other ones.

    and duuuude so weird, i was just looking at ABOUT FACE on amazon whaa! I was looking for a discount lol.

  2. the book looks amazing. have neglected my makeup recently.. need to get back on it. I love coming to site for inspiration

    lots of love Alissy.