Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rude Boy

So I had bought the Rated R cd by Rihanna the same week it came out...and I was feelin "Rude Boy" and "Rockstar" the most...I mean she def did not make a good choice for her 1st single when she chose "Russian Roulette" but she recovered nicely with HARD!!! (Ima rock this shit like fashion..as in....) LOVE IT... Regardless of what a dumb ass she can be when it comes to LIFE...she is def AN ARTIST!!!! A FASHIONISTA!!!!...I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Riri!!!...I was so excited to see new pictures for her next music video "Rude Boy"....how yummy is her swagg!!!


  1. I love that last picture of Rihanna in your post. Gold really compliments her look.
    Thanks for dropping by at my blog btw. Yep- that's what sea monkeys look like :) They're suppose to be small brine shrimp but really they're the colour of glow in the dark stickers, are skeletal looking and small

  2. I love this video!!! Did you see it yet?
    Thanks for the comment!!
    Im gonna hit follow now! Haha! Your an amazing writer, had me glued to the screen reading the whole V Day Dinner story. Too funny. Sorry that you had a crappy dinner, with an annoying friend and date.

  3. @karen Omg I pictured them literally looking like little mini monkeys!! lol so basically your telling me their ugly!! hehehehe..note to self get my daughter a pet fish? ehhhhh

  4. @ crumz thanks hun! Im glad you enjoyed my blog..I love writing in it! your such a cutie patootie! and yes next year I think I will take matters into my own hands and PLAN EVERYTHING..and if her sister happens to come along with her boyfriend then I will bring a gun too!! lol