Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tar-Jay (Haul)

I went to my favorite place in the whole wide world....TARGET (tar-jay for you bougie chicks *wink*) and I swear to you I only went in there for contact solution and Detangler spray for my daughter sooooooo$175.00 later!!!!
DONT JUDGE ME!! I promise that this could not be avoided, I mean why must there be a clearance section right at the end caps of each aisle!! Its like their begging me to come look!!! I am only human! at some point I just have to give in...its like takin an alcoholic to a bar and telling him NOT to look or buy a drank..umm yeah it aint happenin!
I am a HUGE fan of Sonia Kushnuk, I just adore her brushes! but I had yet to buy any of her eyeshadows because lets face it I HAVE MAKEUP that will last an eternity and a day! so I try not to add to my collection unless its absolutely a must have (or I want to try it...which means I basically BUY BUY BUY!!)OMG am I HOARDER!!!!(I mean I dont have rat feces at every corner or 7 year old food in my fridge, nor is Child Protective Service threatning to take my daughter away lmao if you dont get my joke then you really have to watch the show Hoarders on A&E right before Intervention..yes I am a reality whore!! Guilty as Charged) but when I saw these shadows I really couldnt pass them up, they were just craving my attention! They originally sold for $6.99 but were now on sale for $4.88. I decided to get only one shadow to start with..try it with it..and if I liked it I would mosdef get some more...So I started with the "DancingQueen" eyeshadow combo.. The pictures really dont do it justice, this color is amazing and its more of a blue with a purple undertone!!I also bought Loreal's HIP eyeshdow duo (if you dont have these then you need to get you some!!) I swear to you this bad boy does not even need a primer its so pigmented! I love these because of the color payoff and I just fell in love with the color, you cant really see it in the picture but the black shadow has pink shimmers in it!!! its like a little bubblegum explosion !! I also got this Jemma Kidd duo pack with a mascara and a mini glitter liner...this sukka was originally $9.99 and I got ripped off for, I mean paid $2.48 for it...Let me say this was a waste of money!!! First off the mascara is the WORST!! it clumps your lashes and literally makes it look like you only have 3 lashes! and those 3 lashes look like caterpillars they are so thick! so gross..who wants to look like they have all kinds of critter all up in their eye!! YUCK
Then the glitter was decent..ehhhh. I mean to show you the "glitter" I literally had to swatch on top of my hand like 5 times to get even a good shot!I paid $2.47 too much! lmao...anywho I liked..NO LOVED, the Sonia Kushnuk e/s that I went back for more..yup just like a alcoholic!
and that dolls concludes my haul (for makeup cuz I bet your probably wondering where did the $175 go?!!)ummmmmm Im still trying to figure that out my damn self! ;)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I JUST GOT 100 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I slit my WRIST

Well I almost did if only that stinking butter knife was sharper!! So this Valentines Day weekend all my single fabulous friends decided to do an ANTI Valentines dinner..for $30 bucks you would get a steak and shrimp dinner and a show (some retro band)...So of course I decided to get all Sex and the City Fashion *Urban Edition* cuz you know your girl got some flava *duhhh* And I was feeling preety good that was teased *wink* make up on lashes that I absoultely love! Here is the look.... I should have gotten a hint when I saw a room full of 60 year and older people hovering around....the smell of bengay...the unlimited supply of liver spots..or the fact that 60 percent of the people there needed a wheelchair..cane..or a nurse to move about! *ok so I might be exagerrating just a bit..but it was bad..I felt like I was at a Geriatric convention..and perfect for me right Im wearing white(just like a nurse) *oh please God dont let one of these people ask me to take them to go change their diaper* Seriously walking in a ballroom being stared down by everyone.. gasp...look at her porno hair...eeeek..tittays all out.....agh...ass like wha??..drag queen makeup...WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS!!!.......A BAD BETCH THATS WHO SUKKAS! lol...Ok so my lovely friend "forgets" to mention that her sister would be joining us (let me point out that I adore her family! each and everyone) so this was cool with me except for the fact that she brought her BOYFRIEND!!!! (picture trying to slit my wrist with a butter knife!)
WHAT...the outrage...the audacity...Here I am thinkin we would be loud and obnoxious..make fun of lovey dovey couples and blab about how fabulous it is to be SINGLE *ehhhhh*..but they walked us to our table (because we were all going to sit together!) I was thinkin ok..hey make the best of this situation..but that soon changed because literally before my ass hit the seat I was assaulted with "No baby I love you".."Noooo I love you more".."No, I love you!".."No I DO!!!"....*in my mind im thinking please God let this be over soon..let them get the I love you's over with and move on!* God wasnt listening last night....Because it was followed by intemittent kisses..and not just any kiss but those ANNOYINGLY loud butterfly smack kisses like you do when you Dont know how to kisS....SERIOUSLY TONGUE HER DOWN, SQUEEZE A BOOB, AND GET IT OVER WITH!! I dont need to be hearing all this smuckering before the appetizer!! AGHHHH..her sister is a sweetheart and her boyfriend is a cutie..but really!...SERIOSULY!!!! and I was the lucky one that got to sit right in front of them! (picture below me kissing my hunny bunny...her identity has been withheld due to her choice of lameness..I must protect her identity because of the AWFUL choice she made last night when choosing where we would spend our ANTI VDAY DINNER...her life would be in danger!!!! lmao)
...needless to say our 7pm dinner turned into 10 pm!!!!COLD dinner...but as if the cold steak..over boiled veggies..and mashed potatos werent enough..we did get to enjoy a watered down salad with ranch dressing that was so watery it sogged our lettuce beyond recognition before our fabulous dinner...AGHHHHHH... Did I mention that the "band" didnt show up until 10pm!..(on a good note they sounded amazing..think Frank Sinatra..Rat Pack...Kind of The club in the MASK movie with Jim Carrey) Although I would have stayed forever I had to go (not that I wanted to leave my cold dinner or the overly lovey dovey vomit inducing couple) I had promised my daughter that I would see her before she went to bed...So I left..But on a good note I did have fun because I was with my friends! and they were all looking on point..Nats titays overflowing in that leopard bra and twinzies green eyes were as always mesmerizing (Blicious lucked out..she didnt go..DAMN YOU B!!!!) top it off I got to deal with Traffic at 10 pm!!! *ahhhh Los Angeles*..Luckily my daughter had not gone to sleep and I was able to spend some time with her and give her my valentines day present (since I am working this weekend)....I realized that no matter what I have a guaranteed valentine for the next 50 some years!!! My lil princess T!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rude Boy

So I had bought the Rated R cd by Rihanna the same week it came out...and I was feelin "Rude Boy" and "Rockstar" the most...I mean she def did not make a good choice for her 1st single when she chose "Russian Roulette" but she recovered nicely with HARD!!! (Ima rock this shit like in....) LOVE IT... Regardless of what a dumb ass she can be when it comes to LIFE...she is def AN ARTIST!!!! A FASHIONISTA!!!!...I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Riri!!!...I was so excited to see new pictures for her next music video "Rude Boy" yummy is her swagg!!!