Saturday, January 9, 2010

Warm and Cozy (Haul)

Hey girlys, so I recently purchased a lil sumtin sumtin, from MAC...I didnt get too many out of control things because I wasnt too impressed with the "Warm and Cozy" collection...I am a sucka when it comes to Browns (and purple of course) so im thinking this collection is going to be DELICIOUS!! *hello!!* but it wasnt (womp womp) Alas it did not satisfy my brown cravings but only teased it *blah* So here it is ladies...Enjoy....So Im going to start off with my shadesticks!! Let me say that I LOVE LOVE "nurture" the picture realy doesnt show what it really looks like, its like a soft peachy, shimmery with a hint of a metallic orange (without being NEON I really liked it ) the only thing is...I dont know if its me or maybe I just havent used alot of the MAC shadesticks for a minute (cuz I been using my NYX sticks like no bodys bussiness) but I found it harder to blend...and my poor little eyelid was so sore!! *grrrr*...maybe I will try on another day when Im not busy getting ready for work :).. On to the BIZ at hand. I fell in love with the "by candle light" MSF from MAC as well, but for some reason it looked so much different when it was swatched on temptalia...So i ordered 2 of them thinking HECK YES!! a girl loves her some shimmer damnit...but I must admit that I wasnt too happy when I actually saw totally did not look at all like the swatch Temptalia was so BLAHHH when I used it *but oh well* it does the job...a light shimmery soft pink. but I dont know why on ehr website it said to slowly build up because I swear to you it took forever for me to even see a hint of color *womp womp wooooooomp*(so as you can see above this is what I fell in at first sight..placed an order..waited anxiously and this is what I got......NOW I KNOW that we have different skin tones. but its not that dramatic in which the color would look this ridiculously diffrent! *grrrrr* blah blah blah back to my haul!

The next thing I needed was MY MOST FAVORITE BRUSH OF ALL TIME!!!! this is the 4th one I get to add to my collection....*drum roll please*....MAC'S 224 BRUSH ..I kid you not when I say this brush is amazing, it does everything for me *even cleans and does laundry* lol this is a must have for everyone...I love how smoothly and without too much effort you can use it on a crease to blend, or on lid to distribute evenly, its so soft * I could sleep in it...or was that WITH it ? lol* either way I love me some MAC 224... and last I got me some MAC brush cleanser(2 of them)..and not because Im all about MAC but because I couldnt find a damn brush cleanser at any drugstore (and believe me I tried)I like to spot clean all my brushes right after I use them because I am a germaphobe to the max :) but I tend to wash my brushes every week with baby shampoo *lavender* smells yummy :) All in all I think I spent about $130 with some change...regret $50 bucks of that lol...Hope you enjoyed it dolls!!!


  1. hair, hahaha. yeah! i got earrings and boots, woot woot!

  2. Damn, swatches can be misleading! =\ but you still got some nice things.

    Just starting to look into getting MAC, it's overwhelming.. lol, I want it all! that brush though.. I need it! :D

    Thanks for sharing, girl! <3

  3. love the haul...i just got back from mac and none of the things from the collections were wow to me so I bought other stuff...u should try the cvs essence of beauty brush cleanser and elf sells one too :D

  4. I absolutely love MACs MSFinishes!!! My fav is Soft and Gentle :) So shimmerry! I use it every day, and night!
    I dont really like the MAC brush cleanser, I prefer hydrating shamp, or like what you use, the Baby shampoo too :)