Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rihanna Good Girl gone BETTER!!

ooooh I dont know about yall but I love me some Riri!! (minus the fact that she went back with Chris Brown after he beat her up and other things that annoy me about her personality annoy me too lol)but THE GIRL HAS STYLE!!!! I swear everything she wears, makeup gear, shoes!! AMAZING!!!!! I absolutely love her(for that)...I had actually bought the GQ magazine with her in the cover (and it was OVERLY raunchy!! and bordeline penthouse edition *ughhh so annoying when a beautiful girl like that has to "over do" it on her sexuality* Anyway Im all about a fashionista and I LOVE The fact that she is in W..I mean that magazine is nothing but fashion fashio fashion....I practically salivated when I saw her on the cover! Im about to buy it when I get off work *eeek so excited* you go ladiess enjoyed some FRESHNESS>>>


  1. I love Rihanna too - Was way bummed when she got back with Chris Brown afterwrards! But she mustve been having a real tough time!!! Imagine someone you love beating you :( Naww. Anyways, she totally owned 2009, and she's gonna be awesome in 2010 aswell!!!
    Shes always mixing it up and keeping it fresh :) However it gets annoying how shes always getting nude lol

  2. I back you up on the love for Rihanna. I disliked her new style at first but only because i didnt give it a chance and soon as i did i couldnt get enough. Shes amzing!

  3. ilh im obsessseddddd w/ Ri. i saw her for the new years concert and she shook my hand i went insane and she said she digs my hair since we have the same cut lol