Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year in 3D!!!!!!

Happy new year dolls!!!! As some of followers on Twitter know....I went out for the first time ever on New years Eve!! I was suuuuuper excited and hella nervous...not cuz Ima drunk but because other people are drunks and as we all know in a car accident the idiot drunk driver NEVER dies!!! and the sober victims never survive! IRONIC *dont cha think*..anywho besides being overly paranoid I was so excited to spend the new year with my close freinds who I adore!!!! I received alot of compliments on thee makeup so I thought I would share it with ya....not too much of a tutorial or list of wat I used.. EXCEPT THAT I DID USE MAC GLITTER IN 3D!!!!!!!!!!!! ONE WORD ...AMAZING!!!!!!!. I LOVE YOU ALL....2010 WAS RUNG IN WITH REAL, DOWN TO EARTH, TRUE FRIENDS!!!! I COUDLNT ASK FOR MORE!!!!


  1. wow your makeup does look good. i tried my hand at doing some over the top eyeshadow but still didnt come out as good as yours. still practising :) stay beautiful