Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Go SHAWTY its MY birthday!!!

Hey dolls...so its been like a minute and a half since I have posted anything on here...Let me start off by saying that I been hella busy with my kiddo and planning for my birthday celebration which was BANANAS!!!! I had the most amazing time of my life thanks to all my loved ones (ahem and a stripper lmao) Here is the look that I did for my party...I kind of felt that it didnt scream "LOOK AT ME ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!" but I had bought this cute brown jacket and this retro chain fur neck thing that I completely fell in love with. So i Had to go with the colors I was rockin....I have no idea what I used because I forgot to take a picture of it...so now I dont know what it was :) sowwwwy..
So yeah uh I really loved the fact that on my birthday party everything came out right....My hair stayed..my makeup looked fresh...and it didnt take me forever and a day to make sure my lashes went on straight!!! * woot woot*...but the night did not go without its hiccups...let me tell you...So I thought that it would be fun to have stripper come over...to get us hyped !! Cuz they grey goose def gets the girls loose *hehehe* Anyway I had never ordered a stripper!
So Im thinkin I will shop online and ask for one that I think is handsome..So I did and I found one thatr was OMG!!! I called 3 weeks prior to my party to make sure I got this one stripper...his name "CARAMEL!!!" This is who I asked for...

FIIIIINE!! Right?! yeah you would think so....but tell me why I asked for DENZEL WASHHINGTON and ended up Getting Chris ROCK!!! (and im told by all my friends that I said this loud enough for the stripper to hear too lmao))
so this is what i got!!!1 *womp womp woooooooooooomp!!ummmm so yeah NOT what I ordered or wanted!!!! But I figured I had 5 patron shots by then and he didnt look as bad...I mean I could look at him for a long period of time without feeling sick or wanting to throw up! lol...P.s Look at my Friend sitting on the couch...doesnt she look thrilled that the show is about to begin!!! lmao....oh yeah and then theres me.....Dont I look so into it!!! *yeah rightyump....so that answers that! NOTE TO SELF...NEVER EVER EVER get a stripper again...I mean it was fun because we were all hyped up and were getting in the mood to party since after the preparty we were heading out to a club ....here are some candids from the pre party..most of them I will not post because they are TOOO out of control.. SOoooo then we headed to the Club..in which we enjoyed VIP and bottle service!! We even had a security guard near our booths to prevent any of the NON vip people in lol..AWESOME!! Totally felt like a celebrity that day :)all in all my birthday was AMazing!!! (from what I can remember)..but if I do forget I have plenty of friends that have no problem reminding me lol!

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  1. Lmfao.....omg Grace.....you are the feakin best...I had to put my computer down because i could not stop laughing...ahahahah....I can't wait to see you guys next week..=0)