Friday, July 31, 2009

Get Yo Nails DID

I hate fake nails, I cant do ANYTHING with em' I hate how I cant type with these massive claws or how food gets stuck in behind them YUCK!! I have always done bright bold colors on my nails, used stickers on em ect...but...So how super dope is is finding new and creative ways to get yo nails done hunnay! I was BUGGIN when I found out the wonder that is KONAD, I been having it for a minute but I never had the chance to post it, so guess what!! Im doing that now *chowwww* I really love all the designs that this bad boy can do, then only thing that sucks is that sometimes (for certain colors) you have to buy their "SPECIAL" polish. oTHer then that this is AMAYYYYZING.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

From Sea to Skyy (Cop this look)

Here is a look that I did with the "Sea to the Sky" MAC mineralized eye shadow duo LE. I really love how the "sky" color is so soft and there are soft blue shimmers, I mean the picture doesnt do this any justice. This is an amazing shadow combo..a double threat if you will LOL. Enjoy.

Smashbox Color Adjusting Primer
MAC Fix Rose +
MakeUpForever HD Foundation
MakeUpForever Matte Powder
MAC Tranluscent Pre and Prime Setting Powder

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Sea and Sky Mineralized Shadow Duo LE
Sassy Brand eyelashes in 47

MAC Lip Erase in Dim
MAC Mimmy Lipgloss (from Hello Kitty launch)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Preety Pink Thangs

I was So excited when I saw these Preety Pink Thangs in a newspaper add on Sunday for only 40 bucks!! (reg 60.00) I mean are you kidding me! this suckas are perfect for makeup, they are deep enough for MAC pigments and wide enough for major pallettes! *sigh* this is true love

So i went over to Office Depot and was sad to see that that they had NO PINK DRAWERS *AGHHHHHH* After I got over the initial shock I went to the front and asked this girl if they maybe had some in the back, she said they did....Anyway I had to wait in the front with her till they brought it out *seemed like forever and a day* In the mean time she is totally checking me out up and down *AWKWARD* and she then tells me "wow your so preety, your makeup is look like an urban cowboy" LMAO SERIOUSLY UMMMM what do you say to that "thank you??" Anywho that day I felt special cuz you know when a girl pays you a compliment it means ALOT more then if a guy does :) plus being hit on by a girl ! I mean how bad ass is that *grrrr baybee* after that I went to pick up my kiddo from PreK and got some compliments on thee hair and make up so why not share :)eehhhhhh

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Its always greener on the other side (or floor)

So I have been asking *ahem more like begging* for me to be able to do a makeover on my amiga Sarah "Guera" and well I FINALLY gotz to do it! I was so excited because this girl can pull off not wearing any makeup *lucky right?* I have never seen her with anything but some mascara and maybe some powder, oh and I cant forget about her "lipstick" that she was so proud to show to me lol..It basically looked like a black slimshine lipstick but when it was applied it was clear!! lol. Anyway I already knew this was going to be so much fun..Here is a picture of her before we started my experiment *buahhhhhh (evil laugh)I first started applying some primer, followed buy MAC Rose Fix+ which by the way was so hard to even do since the whole time we are cracking up because she was so amazed on how much "shit* goes on your face before you can even begin to put some powder/foundation. We did 2 looks, I did a light smokey eye but I really didnt like it because I felt like the whole look would look so much better without the top liner you know. She has gorgeous green eyes and I felt like it not only took away from the make up itself but from the color of her eyes..anyway here is our first attempt... Somewhere in between laughin and talkin and a lousy chair, she ended up flipping over and falling onto the floor!! LITERALLY, luckily the only thing that received minor damage was my hot pink caboodle and a slice of pineapple/ham pizza from Papa Johns *thank god* It could have been worse,...I mean we had cheesesticks for gods sakes!!! Anyway after our minor accident we decided to move on and to the look that Sara wanted from the get which was "greens"(Thiago inspired of course!) Anyway I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED how this whole look came out!!! she looked super dope, I mean green eyes and green shadow is a must!!! Take a look how bomski my girl looked... All In all I had so much fun doing this and she looked so gorgeous!! Im sure her Hubby was wishin she was at home right about now! :) MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Lil sumtin sumtin to inspire You

Hey everyone, i just want to say that Im super excited that I know have 26! followeres *yaay me* It might seem like a little but Rome wasn't built in a day *I think thats the term* anywho Im already thinkin of a contest for when I hit 150! Super Super Excited!! Anyway I thought I would share with you some amayyyzing make up pictures just to inspire yall...Have fun:) Pictures seen are from Kim kardashian, Kathy, some random one, my favorite You tube MUA petrilude, my girl Raquel Reed and Nicole sncoidhfoaidgn iodga (lmao you know the only talented one from the pussycat dolls)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


So this past weekend I went out for a night of the town with my best girlies, I was so excited to use this new top and head band that I had bought! So please believe I was thinkin of what would compliment that. Being that the outfit was grey, I didnt want to overdo with the "grey,silver" shadow, but of course purples and green and reds wouldnt work either, so I decided on a subtle beige tone on the lid. I used MAC's "mineralize" eye shadow duo in "Love Connection" and on the outer crease I used a MAC's carbon (which is standard for any girl!)and I topped it off with some fake lashes dahling ;) I used Ardells number 145. Anyway Here was the look that I did and I go a bunch of compliments on it so I figured I would show ya :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"too dolly"

Here is a quick look that I did using the "too dolly" pallete from Mac's "Hello Kitty" launch, I know what yall are thinkin, "damn girl this is like so 3 months ago" but I didnt have a blog 3 months ago and I love love love this pallete!!. It has 4 awesome colors:
Creme Royale (which is my absolute favorite right now, I wish I would have bought another pallett just for this alone, its is a soft beige toned shimmer shadow. I use it as a highlight, on the lid, on cheeks, I mean you get the picture, this color is amazing!)
Paradisco- this is a soft pink toned shimmer shadow, I love it because it is soft and can be used as a highlight as well.
Stylin'- Is a dark purple matte shadow, dont let the shadow fool you because it looks blue purple until you swatch it.
Lucky Tom- is basically a soft black with yellow toned shimmers or as I call it, gold dust :)
Anyway I used this pallete alone to create the look, it basicaly took me less then 20minutes :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dont Believe the hype!

I remember seeing that awesome commercial of Loreal's Double Extend Mascara...You know the one were your lashes magically become 12x longer with some potion that puts tubes in your lashes. Anyway I decided to fork up the 12 bucks for the mascara (which I hated doing because I am used to paying less then $8) and I must say that I wasnt impressed! And these are the reasons why...
1. You have to apply a primer to your lash (a thick white base) and followed by the mascara.
2. You have to place the mascara as soon as you put the primer because if it dries it wont work.
3. It clumps your lashes together and makes it look like a tarantula.
4. There is alot of fallout through out the day
5. When you take off your mascara it leaves alot of residue from the tubes which freaks me out because it looks like I pulled a buncha lashes.
So basically dont waste your time or money on this product unless you want to look like you have 2 hairy tarantualas hanging on your eyelids.




I didnt notice that big of a difference and my lashes bugged me, its like I could feel them sticking together.....I felt like i only had 3 big chunky lashes. I will never cheat on my true mascara love LASH BLAST by cover girl, it is amazing!

Monday, July 6, 2009

If you LOVE Urban Decays Primer Potion then....

You will love there new addition to the family! Its the Complexion Primer Potion-Pore Perfecting. This is a foundation primer (which means you put it on after moisturizing but Before applying your foundation) This enables you to have an all day fresh make up look through out the day! Your face basically looks like it was airbrushed.
I have yet to use this Primer because it is not at stores yet (but you can purchase it at BUUUUUT I will be buying it because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Urban decay Primer Potion (this one is used on your eye lid to grab that eyeshadow color, this is a MUST for any girl) So if the Primer for the face is anything like the lid potion, then I cant wait to use it!! It retails for $30.00 for 1oz. But remember you dont put on alot of it, just a dime size on to all your face. I know some of you (those Non Primer Believers) are thinking "Hellz NO, I aint paying 30 damn dollars for some lotion that is not going to do anything!!!" But let me tell you that I was one of those people not too long ago. I hate to admit but its true, I would only use the Neutragena Face Lotion for combination skin followed by my MAC studio fix, no primer no Fix+ spray. And out of the blue I decided ehh why not, So I bought the Mac Prep and Prime and didn not notice a difference until maybe like a week, my skin was smooth, the makeup applies with each and didnt look dusty (you know over load on the powder) it looked fresh and glowy, anyway I fell in love with Primers right then and there! And I know use it EVERYDAY, because it makes a world of a difference TRSUT ME.....anyway If anyone of you have already tried this or have some feed back let me know ! I would love to hear what it has done or failed to do to any of you!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's a LOOK in a box

So MAC (only in Nordstrom NOT available at MAC stores) has come up with a little special sumtin sumtin *EEEEK* I am so excited about it! I dont think they have ever had anything as awesome as this before(unless I have amnesia, I dont remeber them having a look in the box EVER!) If your one of those people who love a certain look and find it impossible to buy each product a certain person used or where to get it blah blah blah...then this my dear is for you!!! Mac has started a "look in the box" with 3 particular looks, from sexy sultry to flirty fun. Anyway the products just launched and they cost only $59.50!!! Can you believe that AND a kabuki brush is included in each "look"..basically everything together if bought seperately sums up to over 100 buckaroos!! and mind you we are in a recession so every lil bit counts!....I got my eyes on 2 of these boxes and will making these looks ASAP Oh yeah and in case you dont know make up talk, make up artist usually use alot of abbreviations for products or makers of product example...Make up Forever (this is a brand sold at Sephora) is usually reffered to as ES is eye shadow, SE is special edition and so on and so on...:) hehehe
Sun Siren (as seen above) includes a Bronze bronzing powder, Shroom ES, Amber lights ES, Get Rich Quick Dazzleglass, Buffer brush 181 SE and a mini Zoom lash mascara...Loving the lips on this one.its perfect for the summer dont you think?

"Seductress" (as seen above) this box includes Belightful Irridecent Powder/Pressed, Knight Divine ES, Naked Lunch ES, Bare Slim Shine lipstick, 181 SE Bufer brush and a mini Zoom lash mascara. This is a very sultry smokey look, I would probably use it for a night event or if you want to "seduce yo man" lol...Its a very sexy, matte look (so if your a shimmer or glitter kind of girl, this might not be your thing) but like I say make up is art, and you should play with different colors, you never know what you can pull off unless you try.

"Sweet Tease"(as seen above)this look includes Shell Pearl Beauty Powder, Mulch ES, Gleam ES, Love Nectar Lustreglass, mini Zoom lash mascara and a 181 SE Buffer brush. This look is definitly a sexy, come get me type of look. You do a light lid with a dark cut crease on the lid creating that extra UMPHF, plus love nectar is such an awesome lipglass a must have for any girl who love slightly peachy, nude lip color.
I think that if your a beginner these sets are GREAT! because it brings the basics all together and takes the guessing of trying to put a look together by yourself, or even guessing what goes with what. Also your getting a great product for an unbelievable price and each of the "look boxes" have at least one MUST HAVE for any girl. Anyway I hope you hunnays find this as awesome as me and it just went on sale so go get em before they go bye bye...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I dont know about yall but you know how you see a certain picture online and it catches your attention like WHOA! so you click on it and it takes you to a blog or a cool site and you find even more amazing pictures, well thats what happened to me, Im always online looking for make up inspiration, nature pictures, fashion, shoes, clothes..anything that is AMAYZZING ..when I came across a girl with mad STYLE!! UGh she is gorge!! Her name is Raquel Reed and I DIG everything about this girl hair, makeup, style, EVERYTHING I wish I could dy my hair that color because I would in a second, but somehow I dont think that Turqouise blue would go over well with our Chief(maybe a fire truck red or something lol) I really dont know much about her but that she is a model of such, but she is sooooo cute! I thought my bows were big---->>>>
Obviously I was wrong! Anyway I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures! I wish to someday be that great of a MUA(make up artist) she just glows!!