Monday, December 7, 2009


So I made a lil purchase, (I will make swatches lata)Let me just say that the STILA box is unbelievably a great deal for so freakin cheap!!!Seriosuly the Holiday season is the best time to buy makeup because they have such great combos for the price of maybe one thing!! I got the Benefit Boin-ing concealer that alot of MUA's talk about, I also had to get the Urban Decay Pencils because their AMAZING!! I also tried the STILA lipglosses and the colors are gorgeous, very similar to MAC Dazzleglass...Anywho happy shopping yall


  1. ooohhh... I love this haul!!! I am sooo jealous!! I just got a $20 gift card from Sephora for being VIB... maybe I'll get the Boi-ing & the UD liners... aahh can't wait!

  2. I wanted that Stila set and now it's all gone! :(

  3. ehhhhh, i had my doubts. they just grew. i dunno, maybe it is. the girl said it's the type that's made and sold only for pro use. like it's not in stores? it works great though. i been using MAC foreverrrr now and i don't really see a difference, especially in the shadows. they're nice. but i dunno. i hope it's not. lol. =/ i'll be heartbroken. anyways, cute blog! x3