Monday, December 14, 2009

Open WIDE....

Hey Dolls...So I was "twittering" the other day and first let me say that I am a DUMBASS when it comes to Twitter, Im barely figuring it out..Anywho after being given a short tutorial on how to use it by my brother...I noticed the @shestaysfresh tab...which if you dont know Twitter, means that someone has mentioned you in the account, long story short I noticed a cutie patootie had mentioned me....It started out like this...

11:37 AM Nov 17th from web in reply to shestaysfresh
Liss_J @shestaysfresh youre make up tips are amazing :) you've given me lots of inspiration.. only wish i could afford half the stuf i want to use

Let me just say I thought it was so dope for her to mention me and super sweet!! Even if only one person reads my blogs and loves it then I LOVE IT!! After talkin back and forth she brought up a real good point ....She tweeted..

Liss_J @shestaysfresh Ah thanx for replying!! :-)I always find it hard to find good demonstrations of putting on makeup a more oriental eyeshapes.. but yeah your blog is wicked ! dont know y u dont have more followers hun. yesh let me kno about ur competition :) x from web in reply to shestaysfresh

OH EM GEE, for some reason I get confused with being Asian (because of my eyes), And i totally get the "small eyes" comment all the time, as a matter of fact I remember going to take a family picture with my brother and sister and having the lame O photographer telling me "OPEN YOUR EYES!!!" umm excuse me THEY ARE OPEN!!! lol..So it is defintily something I am waaaay familiar annoyed me to have small and almod shape eyes..BUUUUUT as you get older *ahem sexier* hehehe, you find that to be the opposite..Now Im told I have "come get me eyes" lmao (I know so lame, but a clever pick up line at that) even Miss Liss J heard the "you have Come to bed eyes" (lol) so I decided to show you a very simple trick that WORKS!!!!! trust me!!!!

WHITE EYELINER !!!!You basically line the inner waterline with your white eyeliner. This gives the illusion of your eye appearing wider and bigger...this not only works for Asian chicas, it can apply to anyone! plus it is also handy when you wake up from a night of partying hard and need to look "wide eye-ed and bushy tailed"

Here is my eye lined with "white" liner (aka YAYO from Uban decay..LOVE THE NAME LOL)
Now your probably thinking"ok Gucci looks the same" AHA!! not is a picture of my eye lined with "black" liner (aka Zero from Urban Decay)
MAYJA!!!!!! looks like 2 completely different sized eyes are more pictures :)....
(top picture, focused on my "white side" lol at "my white side") (top picture focused on my "black side" lol *my only side eehhhhhh*)
All in all I LOVE ME SOME BLACK LINER!, at the end of the day embrace what makes your look unique but dont be afraid to change up your is about taking chances, exploring! and doing what makes you feel FIERCE AND FABULOUS grrr baybeeee...its not permanent so have fun with it....and while your at it follow me on twitter lol


  1. thanks! and it's prolly her eyebrows. lol. they're thickkkk.

    okay so i have a question, alot of the times when i wear lipstick it makes my lips looked chapped and dry, like my skin peels. i've tried wearing chapstick a bit before but i dunno, help please.

  2. They both look stunning, but the black definitely makes you look so feline and feminine and just gorgeous!!!
    I wish I could pull of black liner like you,but it makes me like so beedy and evil haha
    Love your blog :) x

  3. @alejandra..i sugggest exfoliating your lips and then putting some vaseline on top....but due it when you go to sleep because super glossy crunchy lips during the ...not so much of a good look lol

  4. @lorien beautylove IM sure you can pull off black...I cant imagine you looking beedy and about a sexy vampire? lol