Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Like 24/7 (swatchES)

I hope all of you lovely ladies had a wonderful XMAS!! I cant wait until New Years Eve tomorrow night?! Does anyone have any exciting plans?> ...I DO!!!! So for the first time ever I am actually going out on NYE!!!! I know right, a lil late in life! but better late then never! me and my girls are going to some club in LA (duhhhh) and doing the VIP thing...with bottle service *BOOYAHHHH* Excited to the maxxxx...anyway I know I had promised you to swatch the special 24-7 holiday collection liners..and like I said better late then never :) they the way I have to admit that I was NOT NOT NOT impressed...maybe amused...but NOT impressed :(


* they are HELLA small ( I mean they are supposed to be "minis" but I swear they got like a half a inch smaller then last yearsd 24-7 collection) *grrrrr*
* the colors are BLAAAAAHHHH except for Ransom and Oil slick (which has a hint of glitter to it without being overwhelming) I also liked Binge but it is overly similar to MAC's Greasepaint in W from their d squared collection.....
I think that the only good thing I like was the price which I think was like 36 bucks! and these liners in general last an eternity and a your pretty much set for life :)

I hope all you lovelies have an AMAZING NEW YEARS!!!!!

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