Friday, November 20, 2009

Hot Chocolate (Cop this Look)

So my title for this particular post is so random but it will all make sense in the end :) So I had a date on Wednesday! *eeeeek* and after working 4 DAY shifts in a row (12 hour shifts each, followed by 2 nights in a row) I really did not feel like going out..getting ready..doing I mean it is so much work! BLAHHHH, I kind of feel that when it comes to the dating world...if your date goes bad or is horrible, then that whole look ,your makeup, hair, outfit...all that time that you spent to get is gone to waste !! I always feel that I should have back up plan in case the date is wack you call my girls up and and be like "Hey get ready for in case this date is WACK we can go out and GUARANTEED we poppin bottles and having a good time!! lol but I mean it was a Weds so that would not quite work!! Anyway back to my story, so I decide to just go, I mean I have nothing to lose, the first thing my date tells me is "Dont get all dressed up!" ummm EXCUSE ME, what does that mean lol...I mean do I go out looking like a crusty crab!! I mean everyone who knows me knows that I have a different type of swagg to me that even if Im "not dressed up" it looks like I do!! UGH, so now Im like AGH!!! what do I wear! how can I tone down my make up! I really dont do anything "toned down" so I decided WHATEVER!! at the end of the day Im ME regardless right? So I decided to dress like I always do face is my canvas so I brought some artwork with me as well, on my face ;) *hehehehe*Anywho my date ended up being so much fun, we went to this little marketplace and had some hot chocolate from Coffee Bean and laughed and talked and MADE OUT ....SCORE!! (hence the hot chocolate reference, plus he had said some sarcastic remark and I was like "ok Hot Chocolate" which is hilarious because he is black and we were drinking hot chocolate..I told him that it could be his stripper name, and of course I would have to take at least half of whatever he makes, since I gave him that name...well see if I see any MULAAAA from that) ....So here is my version of "toned down" ......not much!!!

Perfekt Skin Primer in Luminous
MUF HD foundation 127
MAC Translucent Setting Powder
MAC Studio Rose Fix +

Too Faced ES primer
MAC Naked Lunch e/s
MAC Carbon E/S
MAC Sky and Sea M/S
MAC DSquared Greasepaint in B
MAC Eyeliner in Smolder

MAC Lip Erase in DIM
MAC HK launch Lipgloss in Mimmy
MAC Like Venus Double Dazzle Lip Gloss


  1. aww thanks hun! Im glad you enjoyed it! it was fun to do something "not so loud" lol