Monday, November 30, 2009

Tickled PINK (Cop this Look)

Hey Dolls, its been a minute.. I hope you ALL had a blessed Turkey Day!! I had the best time with my family and friends! I actually went to a VIP Event for the movie "Princess and the Frog" (Its a Disney Film) OMG, let me just say that I was beyond excited about this FILM!!!, I been knowing about it for over 2 years and it will finally be out DECEMBER 11!!! Please go and support the movie, and here is why:
* It is the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRINCESS!!!! (umm yeah I said that right, Disney has finally come around and has made a BLACK PRINCESS!!, how amazing is that!!!)
* The Princess's name is Tiana (just like my daughter!!!!, she even thinks that the movie is based on her! I mean it is a perfect combo because my daughter is half black and finally she can relate to a cartoon!!!)
* The Music in that movie is AMAZING!! it is throwback jazz, Nawleans' (lol at my wannabe southern accent)
* Disney is going back to the movies that WE used to watch, you know hand drawn, catchy tunes, loveable characters (AHEM NO COMPUTER ANIMATED DIGITAL 3D JUNK!!!!!!!!!)

Ok ok so I am rambling about this movie, but I am so in love with it!! So what I spent over $200 bucks on my daughters outfit ( I mean she had to look like Princess Tiana,,DUH, she is Princess Tyanna) I dont care because that day and the memories we made were PRICELESS!!!!! Last thing about this movie I promise. Even if you dont have any children, You should still go watch it because it is one of those films that I used to watch when I was little,,you know like the LIttle Mermaid or Beauty and the BEast..IT IS A CLASSIC...oh yeah and here is a look I did last weekend when I went out with mah gurrrrl. I was so excited about my new hot pink GLOVES!!! can we say LADY GAGA_ish lol.. i really loved the look!!!! and my lips...ENJOY DOLLS

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ask Lil Wayne who a 5 STAR Bitch is!!! (Cop this Look)

I just had an EPIPHANY....I NEED to go to TIFFANYS!!!! OMG Dolls, I cannot get this Nikki Minaj *google her* out my mind!! Im digging the track but most of all I was ULTRA ULTRA inspired about her makeup in the 5 star Bitch Remix with Trina!!! *I DIE* I absolutely loved everything about this girl, her swagg, her rappin style, and of course her makeup!! I got a few requests for this look and I been eye-ing it anyway!!! The silver in the innner eyelid is not as pronounced as Nikkies due to im not as dark as her, but it still looks good! The pictures really dont do it justice... I mean I tried my best to do the makeup as seen in her video and I really loved the outcome! I would definitly wear it going out to the club!! I posted the youtube video on here so PLEASE PLEASE be sure to hit that play so you can see just how dope this girl really is! I mean HELLO, her rappin style is different and I love it! I think it is time for a new artist to bring some freshness to the rap game, and this chick is defintily IT!!! I cant wait to see what other looks she does because Im sure their will be plenty of MAKEUP looks that I would want to copy! My favorite line is .....ASK LIL WAYNE WHO A 5 STAR BITCH IS!!!!

(the picture above is my best impression of Miss Nikkie lol, )

MAC NC35 Studio Fix
MAC Concealer
FLirt Blush in Pink Shimmer

UD Primer Potion
NYX Jumbo E/S pencil in Pots and Pans
Manly Pallette (all colors used have a brush on top, so you know which ones I used)
MAC Silver Fog Pigment
Benefit BakeCake Eyeliner
Stila LAsh VIsor Mascara
Sassy Eyelashes in #5

MAC Lip Erase in DIM
NYX 03 Pink Lipgloss
MAC Partial to Pink Creamsheen Lipglass
Coastal Scents Smack in Pep Pink

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hot Chocolate (Cop this Look)

So my title for this particular post is so random but it will all make sense in the end :) So I had a date on Wednesday! *eeeeek* and after working 4 DAY shifts in a row (12 hour shifts each, followed by 2 nights in a row) I really did not feel like going out..getting ready..doing I mean it is so much work! BLAHHHH, I kind of feel that when it comes to the dating world...if your date goes bad or is horrible, then that whole look ,your makeup, hair, outfit...all that time that you spent to get is gone to waste !! I always feel that I should have back up plan in case the date is wack you call my girls up and and be like "Hey get ready for in case this date is WACK we can go out and GUARANTEED we poppin bottles and having a good time!! lol but I mean it was a Weds so that would not quite work!! Anyway back to my story, so I decide to just go, I mean I have nothing to lose, the first thing my date tells me is "Dont get all dressed up!" ummm EXCUSE ME, what does that mean lol...I mean do I go out looking like a crusty crab!! I mean everyone who knows me knows that I have a different type of swagg to me that even if Im "not dressed up" it looks like I do!! UGH, so now Im like AGH!!! what do I wear! how can I tone down my make up! I really dont do anything "toned down" so I decided WHATEVER!! at the end of the day Im ME regardless right? So I decided to dress like I always do face is my canvas so I brought some artwork with me as well, on my face ;) *hehehehe*Anywho my date ended up being so much fun, we went to this little marketplace and had some hot chocolate from Coffee Bean and laughed and talked and MADE OUT ....SCORE!! (hence the hot chocolate reference, plus he had said some sarcastic remark and I was like "ok Hot Chocolate" which is hilarious because he is black and we were drinking hot chocolate..I told him that it could be his stripper name, and of course I would have to take at least half of whatever he makes, since I gave him that name...well see if I see any MULAAAA from that) ....So here is my version of "toned down" ......not much!!!

Perfekt Skin Primer in Luminous
MUF HD foundation 127
MAC Translucent Setting Powder
MAC Studio Rose Fix +

Too Faced ES primer
MAC Naked Lunch e/s
MAC Carbon E/S
MAC Sky and Sea M/S
MAC DSquared Greasepaint in B
MAC Eyeliner in Smolder

MAC Lip Erase in DIM
MAC HK launch Lipgloss in Mimmy
MAC Like Venus Double Dazzle Lip Gloss

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shoulda put a ring on it (Cop this Look)

My my my, it has been a while dolls! Sorry I have not wrote in this lil blog of mine but I have been crazy busy with life, my daughter, and work..AGH!! I think my new years resolution will be to do at least 2-4 post a week and finally get my youtube channel up!! (I have no idea how to edit a video) Anyway I recently was inspired by this AMAZING ring that I had purchased and decided..hmmm these color would look fresh on my lids :) ehhhh...So here it is dolls, I couldnt find a cool name for the look and since I was inspired by this lilttle plasctic ring I immediatly thought... BEYONCE (ugh I love her,,,and have you seen the "Video Phone" music video!!! I DIE!!! Gaga and Queen B together...YUMMY!!!) I hope you all are doing Fabulous! and just so you know Im working on a contest, getting some prizes together...SO GET YOUR BRUSHES READY GIRLS (and FABULOUS GAY BOYS)

MAC Studio FIX NC35
MAC Holiday Collection Hocus Pocus Blush Trio
MAC Fix Rose +

Revlon Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown
Benefit Boi-ing in Med
UB Primer Potion
MAC Hello Kitty "Lucky Tom" pallette (all 4 colors)
MAC Naked Lunch (highlight)
UD 24/7 Eyeliner in Electric
UD 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero
Benefit Babe Cakes Eyeliner
Stila Mascara

MAC Lip Erase in DIM
Stila Lip Enamel Luxe Gloss in Tickled Pink

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Im a Barbie Girl

This post might be a lil late, I had ordered some Barbie loves Stila makeup like a month ago and Im just getting to share it with you guys!! (AND USING IT!!) I was amazed at the freakin palette!!! First of all let me say that the pigmentation on that pallette is AMAZING!!! and it sold out very quick, but not to worry ladies because it can still be found at the stila cosmetics website but minus the Barbie on the cover of the pallete (but it's still be the same pallette.) I love all the colors combinations, you can literally just use one deposit and come out with a fabulous look and for only $28 its a steal!! ALL the colors on the pallette have a shimmer finish without being too glossy. The colors range from subtle to super bright and funkeee (yay) I think that this is defintly a MUST HAVE for any makeup junkee *like myself* Now onto the lipgloss....I must say that the colors on each of the 3 glosses is very BRIGHT and highly pigmented BUT they are voerly messy and sticky..I have to say that it was annoying to use because you ahd to keep twisting them to get the color to come up and here I am like a dumb ass turning and turning and turning and NO PRODUCT!!! so whatever I set them down and start taking pictures of my other "hauls" when i look back I see all 3 of them basically leaking!!! GRRRRR I was so mad, I mean this is the first time I use them and I lost A TON of product!!!! If anyone knows about Stila lipglosses and how to use them please let me know because it was a hot mess!!!!SO ANNOYED AND MESSY!!! So if I had to say I love the colors, highly pigmented but very messy and annoying and for $32 bucks I feel like I was ripped off....Like they say you cant have everything you want!!!

Arent these colors so yummy!!!


And now onto the lipglosses...

Here are the colors swatched on thee lips...very messy but beautiful *SIGH*
Tickled Pink (a HOT HOT HOT PINK and let me say the picture does it no justice)
Happiness is a soft neutral pinky color. It has a sparkly shimmer and I love it, the pictures arent that great but it was damn near midnight and i was oh so very tired and for some reason my camera was havin a fit!!
Joy is a dark cherry red, NUFF SAID