Saturday, October 31, 2009

Where you from Holmes!

Ay mija where you from esa!...where's your vato loco!!.. Damn ay, your makeup is firme :) ..(Ok so thats all the mexican gangsta vocabulary I know lol)....So I was invited to a Halloween party last minute, and I usually dont do the "dress up for Halloween" thing, but I sometimes do my makeup for fun....Anyway My friend was telling me to dress up, come on it will be fun...I literally didnt have A THING! and I wasnt going to dress up...but then it came to me....I could be a chola (a old school mexican chola/gangster) Let me just say that I absolutely loved it!! Even my mama was like "Please dont go out like that, what if they beat you up or try to jump you!" lmao..I did my job if I looked that hardcore!! I know yall have seen these gangsta females with their dark brown lip liner, ruby red lips...thin sharpie painted eye brows..and let us not forget the 3 little dots for my VIDA LOCA...Anyway I really liked how it came out :)..What were you guys for HAlloween? (bottom pic is a cell phone pic hence the lighting :) )



  1. ooo sister! i love this look ;) I was thinking about doing this for halloween but I decided to go with something else! :) I like your other posts on here, I'll def follow :)

  2. thank you so much miss!! I checked out your blog too and I must say its a must read :)