Monday, October 12, 2009

Straight Outta COMPTON (Cop this Look)

Catchy title huh?.. I was actually inspired by my purple and pink Eazy E tshirt, I LOVE IT. and if you don know who Eazy E is then you aint no nutin about the rap game :) Anyway onto this look... I been feeling overly into my "forgotten pigments" I never realize just how many awesome colors i do have since I am always buying new products *sigh*. So I am making a conscious effort to use a variety of makeup rather then just keep on buying *$$savvy* If you read my blog then you obviously know Im a suckka for Purples!! I mean I can live off one purple eyeshadow *I swear* So I came up with this lil fresh look, very summery yet gansta boo like *THIS IS A JOKE LOL* (If you watch REal Housewives of Atlanta then you know what Im talking bout when Nene tells Lisa she got a lil gangsta boo in her, I LOVE THAT SHOW!) So here it is dolls, my look of the day:)

Perfekt Primer in Luminous
MAC Fix Rose Plus
MUF HD Foundation in 127
MAC Fleur Power Blush
MAC Concealer NC35

UD Primer Potion
True Colors (throwback e/s) in purple
MAC Vellum e/s
MAC Pink Opal Pigment

MAC Lip erase in DIM
Jesses's Girl in Papaya


  1. i love the purple. its so pretty :)

  2. I love the title!!!! I really love how you put your eye shadows. You always go for bright and blod colors. I love it.

    oh and im sure glad my mask post was in good timing. I hope you like it as much as i do.