Thursday, October 29, 2009

If your a smoker.....

Im not..smoking is yuck! when it comes to girls, it really grosses me out..but then I look at this!! and It can make a girl turn I tell you! You can have this cute lil Kitty for only $280! another steal lol..I dont know I might get this and use it to turn on candles or something...or maybe take it to a club and pray that a bunch of people ask me for a light so I can show it off..HEHEHEHE


  1. lmfaooooo. id do the sameeee shit!!!! shit id go up to cute guys at clubs asking em if they need a light. lol

  2. omgoodness!! hello kitty is on everywhere. It grosses me out too when i see girls who smoke, well both guys and girls and whoever. I dont mind if they are far away but if they are next to me then i do mind.

    I rememeber in college, theres a huge population of asian girls who smoked on campus. It was soo shocking.

  3. OMG! great minds think a like I guess miss Xtina :)