Friday, October 9, 2009


So I am so happy to have my laptop back *pumping fist in air* and now I get to share with you a MAC Haul I have from there new collection "DSquared2". This line is preety nice, not AMAZING though. I was more excited about the "Volcanic Ash Exfoliator" more then anything, I heard so many MUA's talk about it and how amazing it is! The mask was sold out, but I did get my hands on that exfoliator!! *happy dance* I also got 2 grease paint sticks from the collection "B" and "V" (and yes those are their names). Along with that I also got me some Mixing Medium (PRO), this unbelivable lipstick "Full Stop Red" and some "Setting Powder in Translucent". I was running low on some items :) and Im thinkin about buying another "Full Stop Red" lipstick (that is how much I love it!!)..AnywaY my lovlies here are the product pictures along with some swatche :)ENJOY
The Grease paint Sticks in B and V: They are so creamy and smooth (exactly like grease) It goes on easy and creates a clean line with a light hint of shimmer but can also be smeared easily for a funky "dirty rock girl" look. I really love how bright and vibrant the Blue is!! Trust me it looks better in person!! This picture does it no justice!

And here is my LOVER, Miss Red Full Stop Lipstick: Just so you know this is not red at all!! its like a pearl pink lustre, The pink is kind of a mix of coral, peach and pink, I LOVE IT!, I have never seend any lipstick this color. Im telling you that I am getting another one of these suckas!!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE>>>>>> now onto the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, let me tell you that this was everything I imagined it to be and MORE! It has tiny little microbeads that you can definitly feel working down in them pores! It has a fresh (different smell) but I love it...I mean if I would have to guess what LAVA or Volcano smelled like that would be it! After you rinse it off it leaves you skin feeling silky baby's ass smooth!!! I mean I kept touching my face *LAME* I love love love this! I wish I could use it every day,but a last this is an exfoliator and should only be used 2 to 3 times a week *BOOOOOO*. I give this a 10 out of 10!!

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